Facts about Breast Cancer

Facts about Breast Cancer!!

Facts about Breast Cancer!! Females are always extra cautious about their health. From losing weight to eat healthy, girls are ready to do anything. Going for a regular checkup is a better way to stay fit. Well, in this article we are going to discuss about the facts about breast cancer. Yes, cancer of breast is […]

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Diet in Anal Fistula

Diet in Anal Fistula!!

Diet in Anal Fistula!! Are you suffering from the problem of bloody stools? Do not take it lightly, it can be the serious problem. Along with this, if you are also getting skin irritation near the anus with constant pain while you sit down or during bowel movement- Well the problem can be due to […]

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Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies

Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies!!

Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies!! Leucorrhoea, also known by the name ‘Whites’ is very common health problem in women. Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies can provide you benefits. Usually there is white discharge from vagina that helps to flush out impurities, bacteria and microbes that enters the body. This is usually white or yellowish white in color. […]

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Ash Gourd Health Benefits

Ash Gourd Health Benefits!!

Ash Gourd Health Benefits!! Ash gourd, a very healthy and nutritious vegetable is packed with excellent health benefits. Ash Groud Health Benefits are advised for patients with various digestive, mental and urinary problems. Also known by the names winter melon or white gourd or white pumpkin, it is a very large fruit that is widely eaten […]

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Prunes Health Benefits

Prunes Health Benefits!!

Prunes Health Benefits!! Prunes are dried plums which are packed with wonderful nutrients. They all contribute to health of the body. Prunes Health Benefits are amazing in all the ways and they are explained very well below. Prunes are good source of dietary fibre, sorbitol content, phytonutrients, fructose and energy. Prunes juice can provide instant energy […]

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Diet in Liver Cirrhosis

Diet in Liver Cirrhosis!!

Diet in Liver Cirrhosis!! Diet in liver cirrhosis helps to improve liver’s functions and protect it working too hard. Liver cirrhosis, a liver disease that results of prolonged scaring or fibrosis of liver caused by some liver health issues such as viral hepatitis or chronic alcoholism.     Liver is the largest internal organ of […]

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Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst

Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst!!

Home Remedies for Ovarian Cyst!! Ovarian cyst occurs normally during menstrual cycle and it is not a part of disease. The cyst is a fluid filled sac that develops inside or on the surface of the ovaries. Though it goes unnoticed most of the time but when it causes symptoms, care should be taken. Natural […]

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Buttermilk Health Benefits

Buttermilk Health Benefits!!

Buttermilk Health Benefits!! Let’s discuss some of wonderful health benefits of buttermilk in this article. A sour drink or liquid left after butter has been churned out is called buttermilk. Its acidity is due to lactic acid produced by lactic acid bacteria. As bacteria produces lactic acid, pH of milk comes down. Milk protein contribute […]

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side effects of birth control pills

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills!!

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills!!   The birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptive pills, stop the ovulation process and in turn, no egg will be released. As no egg is there to get fertilized by sperm, pregnancy cannot be achieved. This is the major beneficial effect of such pills. The pills are […]

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Psoriasis Natural Remedies

Psoriasis Natural Remedies!!

Psoriasis Natural Remedies!! A very common skin problem, Psoriasis causes cells to build up rapidly on the skin surface. These extra skin cells make skin to appear dry, scaly with itchiness and dryness. It is a long lasting chronic skin disease that aggravates with time slowly but with diet and life style changes and some […]

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