Ash Gourd Health Benefits

Ash Gourd Health Benefits!!

Ash Gourd Health Benefits!! Ash gourd, a very healthy and nutritious vegetable is packed with excellent health benefits. Ash Groud Health Benefits are advised for patients with various digestive, mental and urinary problems. Also known by the names winter melon or white gourd or white pumpkin, it is a very large fruit that is widely eaten […]

Prunes Health Benefits

Prunes Health Benefits!!

Prunes Health Benefits!! Prunes are dried plums which are packed with wonderful nutrients. They all contribute to health of the body. Prunes Health Benefits are amazing in all the ways and they are explained very well below. Prunes are good source of dietary fibre, sorbitol content, phytonutrients, fructose and energy. Prunes juice can provide instant energy […]

side effects of birth control pills

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills!!

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills!!   The birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptive pills, stop the ovulation process and in turn, no egg will be released. As no egg is there to get fertilized by sperm, pregnancy cannot be achieved. This is the major beneficial effect of such pills. The pills are […]