Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies!!

Leucorrhoea, also known by the name ‘Whites’ is very common health problem in women. Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies can provide you benefits. Usually there is white discharge from vagina that helps to flush out impurities, bacteria and microbes that enters the body. This is usually white or yellowish white in color. Sometimes due to some bacteria, fungal or yeast infections, amount of discharge increases and that is termed as leucorrhea. Poor hygiene and weakness are other major causative factors for this to happen. Symptoms seen in leucorrhoea are vaginal discharge, itching, lower back pain that can radiate to thighs or legs, fatigue, mood swing etc.


Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies


Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies


Rice Water

This wonderful natural remedy for leucorrhoea has been explained by Ayurveda Authors too in ancient books. Tandulodak, rice water which you get while cooking rice in open container can be taken, a bowl daily. This is full of starch and contains demulcent (soothing) properties that reduces inflammation of internal mucous and fights excessive itching, lower back or burning feelings etc.

Collect rice water in a bowl and have it with pinch of salt or sugar as you like. Practice this home remedy for few days (almost 1 week).



Fenugreek (methi) is commonly used herb or spice in Indian kitchens and have got a number of medicinal properties. We have mentioned it many time when it comes, home remedy or natural remedy for some disease. It is very useful herb in many ways. Being packed with anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, fenugreek is effective in white discharge.

Soak 1 tsp. of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and leave overnight. Strain and have this, first thing in the morning. Follow this for couple of days till satisfactory results are seen.

Or boil half tsp. of these seeds in 2 cups of water and strain until 1 cup remains. Honey can be added according to the wish. Have this herbal tea daily twice.



Daily ripen banana works really wonders in whites or leucorrhoea in women and make an excellent home remedy for leucorrhoea.

Take fully ripe banana and mash in a bowl. Add 1 tsp. cow ghee in it and mix properly. Have this natural remedy for white discharge daily once or twice for a week. This provides satisfactory results.


Lady Finger

Another effective leucorrhoea natural remedy include very common and healthy vegetable. Yes, lady finger contains a very good amount of essential nutrients and has proved beneficial in relieving symptoms of leucorrhea. What you have to do?

Take 2 to 3 fresh lady fingers and cut them from center. Now boil them with water in a pan for some time. Strain and keep aside to let it cool. Mix 1tsp. honey in it and drink this every day.


Alum Water

Alum is used as a natural substance from ancient time to reduce swelling, bleeding and itching. Being packed with best anti-inflammatory properties this is very useful in white discharge.

Take 1 tsp. alum powder and mix in a mug. Use this water for washing your vaginal part while having bath. You can do this twice too for better results. This helps to deal with itching and reduces swelling of vaginal mucus membrane, also keeps vagina dry.


Follow these Top Leucorrhoea Natural Remedies and have a healthy diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid all sort of junk and packed food products.



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