Top reasons to add raw mangoes in your summer diet!!

There is a reason we are so fond of raw mangoes. Hailed as the king of fruits, mangoes are rich in essential nutrients. Known as kacchi kairi in Hindi, raw mangoes or unripe mangoes can help us in many ways. This can be considered as a wonderful natural remedy for summer. Let’s get to know […]

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Pranayam #Yogic Breathing Practices

The quality of our breath expresses our inner feeling. Truly said!! Let’s have a discussion on Pranayam, what actually it is and what it does. Introduction Prana is the vital force or cosmic energy that causes any kind of motion even the movement with in an atom. Electricity is prana, breathing is prana and digestion […]

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Basic Rules useful for Yoga-Asanas

Basic Rules useful for Yoga-Asanas!!

Yoga is a methodical science that helps you attain the optimum capacity of mind that drives the body. It helps you to unlock hidden energy that helps to enhance the prana or vitality in the body. Well, like other things, Yoga also has some basic rules which should be kept in mind before performing Asanas. […]

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