Vitamin C Health Benefits!!

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is a water soluble Vitamin, means it does not get absorb in the water. Human is not able to make Vitamin C in body like most of the mammals so it has to be supplemented via diet or natural formulations. It is a great antioxidant that’s is known very well for its health benefits.


Vitamin C Health Benefits


Though there are very less cases are seen in developed countries with scurvy – very common Vitamin C deficiency disorder but person can have deficiency signs and symptoms. These include, weakness, fatigue, joint and muscles pain, lethargy etc. Vitamin C is needed for bone – joints health, wounds healing, gums – teeth health and also helps your body to absorb iron. It also helps in cells protection and keep them healthy. It is needed for supporting structures of cells and organs including skin, bones and blood vessels. Daily required dose of it is 90 milligrams for men after 18 years and 75 milligrams in women. For pregnant women and lactating mothers its little more around 80 and 120 milligrams.


Signs of Lack of Vitamin C

Major deficiency of Vitamin C causes scurvy (a disorder characterized by swollen, bleeding gums). Common signs and symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency are –

  • Bleeding gums
  • Dry and scaly skin
  • Blurred vision
  • Delay wound healing
  • Join and muscles pain
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy


Vitamin C Health Benefits


Heart Protection

Vitamin C helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, even heart attack if taken in balanced amount. Daily dose of Vitamin C helps to control protein called endothelin – 1 that promotes constriction of small blood vessels. It protects hardening of arteries and development of plaque along their walls. As it is rich in antioxidant properties, keep body free from free radicals and helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Vitamin C is highly beneficial for patients who are hypertensive or have tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases. This keeps blood vessels dilated and helps in easy flow of blood.


Improves Vision 

Another very important health benefit of Vitamin C is providing healthy vision. Its deficiency can cause cataract where lens becomes opaque causing blurred vision and even can lead to blindness. Vitamin C intake enhances proper blood flow to the eyes and nourishes local blood vessels. Vitamin C coupled with other essential nutrients of beta carotene and zinc can protect eyes from getting damages against macular degeneration.


Prevention from Respiratory Illness

Vitamin C is very useful to boost defense mechanism. Strong defense mechanism is needed to keep various diseases at bay. It reduces the susceptibility of getting affected with common cold which can lead to pneumonia or lungs infection. If you are loaded with enough Vitamin C, you are at lower risk of falling sick in winters with common problems like chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis and related respiratory health issues.


Combats Stress

As it has been proved in many researches that Vitamin c is beneficial to individuals who have weak immune system. Weak immune system could be due to stress sometimes and stress with mental fatigue is symptom of low immune system as well. Stress is a very common problem in society these days. Vitamin c in natural form can help to take affected one out from this troubling situation effectively. This actually improves overall health.


Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

Health benefit of Vitamin C aids in beauty as well. Those who take Vitamin C are at lower risk of getting premature aging of skin, wrinkles appearance, dryness of skin and can prevent other associated problems like acne, blemishes, scars etc. up to a great extent. it is required component for production of hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine which are needed to bind the molecules to produce collagen. Collagen intern nourishes the skin and make it firm. People spend a lot on beauty products but if you go naturally with Vitamin C either in eatables form or natural supplements, it is always better option. Load up yourself with Vitamin C and stay young, charming and youthful. Vitamin C fights the bacteria on scalp and therefore prevent from dandruff. Also promotes healthy hair growth.


Boosts Bones and Muscles Health

Researches has shown that Vitamin c is associated with joint and muscles health. This is highly useful to keep body free from toxins therefore prevent from gout or high uric acid which is another commonest problem among youngsters these days. Moreover it is beneficial in eliminating all kind of waste products from body and keep healthy kidneys and entire urinary tract. It is also needed to produce cartilage which gets destroy in conditions such as osteoarthritis.


To achieve Vitamin C Health Benefits, go natural! Food stuffs rich in Vitamin C are – Indian Goose Berry (Amla), Oranges, Kiwi, Papaya, Strawberries, Kale, Grapefruit, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomato, Brussels sprouts, Kale etc.



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