How to improve low ejection fraction according to Ayurveda

How to improve low ejection fraction according to Ayurveda!!

The estimate of prevalence and incidence of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) all over the world is unreliable. It leads to high mortality and major impairment of quality of life. Hence, there is an immense requirement of certain herbs that can increase cardiac efficiency and can increase the performance of decompensated heart for healthy living in […]

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5 Healthier Cooking Oils

5 Healthier Cooking Oils!!

Cooking oils possess a range of smoke points or temperatures at which they’re no longer stable. Therefore, cooking oils should not be used at a temperature above their smoking point. When cooking oils are heated, particularly at high temperature, they eventually reach their smoke point. At this temperature, the oil is no longer stable and […]

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Heal your Heel Pain with Ayurveda

Heal your Heel Pain with Ayurveda!

Heel Pain is a commonly encountered orthopaedic problem that causes significant discomfort. It is most commonly seen in younger population consisting of athletes, dancers etc. Heel pain can also be caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes or just walking around the whole day. It can’t be ignored as it can develop into serious problem in the […]

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Natural Treatment for Hepatitis B

Natural Treatment for Hepatitis B!!

The liver is a Master Gland of the human body. It is one of the major organs of the body and it is involved in various life-sustaining functions like emulsion of fats during digestion, production of various enzymes, conversion of ammonia into urea and thereby aids in its removal through excretory system etc. Amongst all […]

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Is Eating Chia and Flax Enough to meet your daily Omega – 3 Needs

Is Eating Chia and Flax Enough to meet your daily Omega – 3 Needs?

The human body is made up of trillion of cells which form the tissues, organs and organ systems. Omega-3s, particularly Eicosapentaeonic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaeonic Acid (DHA) provide foundational support to these cells. The majority of Omega-3s reside in our cell membranes and act as gatekeepers. These also promote the fluidity of cell  membranes which […]

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5 Ayurvedic Mocktails

5 Ayurvedic Mocktails: Boost your immunity with Ayurvedic Mocktails!!

A mocktail is a cocktail without liquor, instead juices, sodas, infused water and other non-alcoholic ingredients are mixed up in just the right proportion to provide flavour. The are non-alcoholic mixed drinks. The science of Ayurveda teaches us to live in alignment with nature.  The Ayurvedic mocktails help in replenishing the nutrients that the body […]

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Top Health Benefits of Gokshura Herb in Ayurveda

Top Health Benefits of Gokshura Herb in Ayurveda!

Gokshura Moola (root of Tribulus terrestris) is one of the ingredients of the group of ten medicinal plant roots known as ‘Dashmoola.’ Gokshura fruit is also widely used in herbal preparations. According to the Ayurvedic concept, the properties and actions attributed to one part of the plant will be same for the other parts too. […]

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Foods high in B Vitamins

Foods high in B Vitamins!!

Vitamins are a part of our diet which are essential for the body to perform optimally. The deficiency of vitamins certainly causes disorders. It has been clearly observed that supplementing the depleted vitamin leads to preventing or curing of the disease. Ayurveda and Vitamins: Vitamins have not been mentioned separately in Ayurvedic texts but the […]

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Believe in Brahmi for its amazing health benefits

Believe in Brahmi for its amazing health benefits!!

Brahmi is derived from the word ‘Brahma’. It is a perennial herb which is well-known in Ayurveda for its memory enhancing property.  The first clear reference of Brahmi plant is found in Charak Samhita. Another Ayurvedic text, Sushrut Samhita has described Brahmi as efficacious in loss of memory and intellect. It is classified among “Medhya […]

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