Lettuce Health Benefits!!


The king of all salad plants – Lettuce is most popular among all the green leafy vegetables. There are several varieties of lettuce and they differ in color, size and texture. Usually they are green in color. Health benefits of lettuce are incredible and contribute a lot to promote healthy organs of body.


Lettuce Health Benefits


There are mostly 2 types of lettuce used on table, loose leaf lettuce where leaves hang on all the sides and true head lettuce where it looks like cabbage with leaves drawn together. This crispy leafy vegetable is one of the outstanding source of essential nutrients that benefit health. When cut, lettuce leaves exude fluid that looks like milk and hence its name driven from Latin “Lactuca” for milk. This is known as Lactuca sativa scientifically.

Lettuce is rich in vitamin content (vitamin B, C, K), calcium, phosphorus, folates. It’s rich in mineral salts with alkaline elements to help body stay toxins free.


Lettuce Health Benefits

Lettuce contains various health building qualities with medicinal properties. Let’s have a look –

Pregnancy and Lactation

Raw lettuce as salad is highly beneficial for expecting mothers and even for lactating one. It has an excellent influence on secretion of progesterone hormone. This is rich in folate which is essential nutrient needed during pregnancy for baby’s health. This prevents from megaloblastic anemia during pregnancy. Also it is beneficial in habitual abortions. After researches it has been proved that women who had good amount of lettuce in their pregnancy were free from nutritional anemia. Lettuce when taken with spinach, peas, and asparagus, enhances folic acid content of food.



Another health benefit of lettuce is to control blood glucose levels. This is one among the important group of vegetables that is beneficial in managing diabetes. This contains only 3 percent of carbohydrates or even less. This can be used freely by diabetic people. Have as salad whenever you feel hungry or can be eaten as vegetable with regular bread.



Lettuce contains sleep inducing substance called lectucarium so it can be very useful in dealing insomnia. Lettuce leaves juice can be applied on forehead to induce sleep and ease the headaches. Its juice mixed with oil of flowers give wonderful effects. When taken in daily routine, helps to boost brain health.



Lettuce contains considerable amount of iron and folates and supplies a good form of vegetable hemoglobin. Therefore it can be used as an effective blood tonic for anemia. Iron obtained in this form is much better and well absorbed than the inorganic iron form.



Lettuce is packed with good amount of cellulose that enhances the easy movements of intestine and intestinal content can be taken out easily. Therefore we can say this is wonderful vegetable in taking care of chronic constipation and various other digestive health issues.


This way Lettuce Health Benefits are incredible. They are great for lungs health as well and can be taken by people who suffer frequently with respiratory health issues. Wash each and every leaf with clean water and clean with cloth until it becomes dry.



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