Top Sore Throat Home Remedies!!

Among a number of health problems, frequent sore throat also troubles a lot. A number of bacterial infections are there. Sore throat is also one among of them. No worries! Some amazing Natural remedies for sore throat are here to help you out efficiently. Sore throat occurs due to allergies, dry air, pollutants and other illness like common cold. Though medications are available to control this problem, but here are some remedies which you can perform at home.


Top Sore Throat Home Remedies



Top Sore Throat Home Remedies



Honey is the easiest way to manage this problem. It is available almost in every home. Due to its sweet taste, can be easily taken by children also. You can simply take honey when you are having a problem of sore throat. You can even add a spoon of honey in your hot tea. It is used as a very common vehicle while consuming herbal powders especially for sore throat or respiratory problems.



Ginger is used as spice while cooking, and hence is available in the kitchen of almost every Indian home. It makes another easy natural remedy for sore throat. Take small pieces of ginger and boil it in a cup of water. Strain the mixture and drink the liquid. You can also add honey to it according to your taste. Or you can apply little salt on a piece of ginger to keep inside the mouth. Keep chewing for some time.


Licorice root

Licorice root is known to have a strong soothing effect in case of sore throat. It helps in the elimination of phlegm also. What you have to do? You have to just add a licorice powder to hot water and then you have to gargle with this mixture for several times. Do this daily twice at least till you get the positive results. The remedy is great for managing itching, swelling and pain in the throat.



Turmeric is a spice that is beneficial for a number of health problems. It is found almost at every home. So another best way for sore throat. Curcumin is an active compound that is responsible for its medicinal properties. Take a cup of warm water and add half a spoon of salt and one fourth spoon of turmeric. Then, gargle for several times using this mixture. Or you can simply add a spoon of turmeric to your hot glass of milk to drink beside whenever you are comfortable.



Gargling with salty hot water is another effective home remedy for sore throat. What you have to do is very much simple. Just warm the water. Add a pinch of salt to it. Gargle with this liquid mixture for six to seven times. Remember, water should be warm enough because a cold water will not give any result. You can even add a pinch of turmeric in warm water for the same.


Lemon water

Lemon is known to have great effect on bacterial infections. For sore throat also, lemon is effective. As it is easily available at our home, it is also an easy way to combat the pain and swelling that occurs during this problem. Take a spoon of lemon juice and mix it in a cup of water. Drink this mixture twice daily. The mixture will provide an acidic environment to viruses and bacteria. You can also sip lemon tip to aid more benefits.


Hot drinks

As suffering from sore throat that requires heat to manage it well, a person should prefer hot drinks and food. Yes, avoiding cold liquid drinks and foods will help to control the problem to some extent. Warm liquids will provide sufficient heat, which in turn helps to minimize the mucus that is present around the throat. It will reduce the inflammation and provides some relief from the problem.


All the above mentioned Top Sore Throat Home Remedies are not difficult to perform. The things required for the remedies are easily available at home. So before booking an appointment with doctor, first try them.



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