Top Herbs for Amnesia!!


Amnesia refers to loss of memories that include some experiences, information and memories. People with amnesia are incapable to learn more. They can forget very small things and sometimes do remember some big incidents of life. Top Herbs for amnesia could be of great help as there is no specific treatment for it in modern science. Herbs like Bacopa monnieri and Withania somnifera are amazing to cope up all sort of mental illness including loss of memory. Let’s know how?


Top Herbs for Amnesia


Top Herbs for Amnesia



Top Herbs for Amnesia


Brahmi is known as Bacopa monnieri scientifically. This is an excellent herb for amnesia that can be taken as a brain tonic on regular basis. Guess, people are very much familiar with this name when it comes in mind something natural for brain. Yes, brahmi is sold in many form in market, tablets or capsules with or without other herbal combination. Authentic one can be of real great help. This is known to boost entire nervous system and improve brain functions. Brahmi is an adaptogen that interacts with dopamine and serotonergic systems and promote neuron communication efficiently. This works wonders in memory loss, loss of concentration, stress, mental fatigue and many other serious nervous disorders. Due to its excellent anti-oxidant actions it nourishes all brain blood vessel and improve their functions.

Brahmi leaves – dried powder can be taken in the dose of half to one tsp to tbsp. Fresh leaves juice, 15 to 30 ml once or twice also works wonders. In the form of capsules/tablets, pure extract can be taken 250 to 500 mg twice.





Withania somnifera with scientific name, Ashwagandha is known as Indian ginseng very commonly. It has got red fruits which are used to make natural formulations along with its root. This is another effective herb for amnesia which is capable to enhance memory power. After researches this herb has been found useful in neurological disorders. This is a very powerful Rasayan as per Ayurveda, one that rejuvenate body both mentally and physically. As it contains good antioxidant properties, purifies and improves blood and activate the nerves to perform their normal functions.

Root extract can be taken in the quantity of 250 to 500 mg once or twice per day. Powder dose varies from half to one tsp to tbsp.





Another important herb that resembles brahmi a lot is mandookparni (mandook – frog, leaves resemble the shape of a frog). Gotu kola is another very common name used for this herb. This is an ancient Indian herb used for therapeutic purposes. With Latin name Centella asiatica, Gotukola is known for its best quality of improving intelligence and memory power. As it is capable to penetrate the ground level brain tissues even, hence can be very effective in conditions like amnesia. Superoxide dismutase, antioxidant present in gotukola makes it wonderful herb to combat depression, weak memory and other mental disorders.

This can be taken as juice, powder or extract to improve venous insufficiency. Its leaves juice can be taken in the quantity of 15 to 30 ml once or twice daily. Powder, 3 to 6 grams and extract 250 to 500 mg.





With Latin name Acorus calamus, vacha is very famous herb used to improve memory power. This is there in many classical formulations right from the time of great Acharyas, Charaka and Sushruta. It has got memory boosting properties along with other such as digestive, improving speech, clearing urine and stools, relieving constipation and bloating etc. Along with nourishing brain cells, this sweet flag (English name) has capacity to improve liver and digestive health which somehow participate in brain health. If liver is functioning well and there is good digestion, automatically brain system responds well without any obstructions. Therefore Vacha is another result giving herb in all mental disorders which can be consumed for better entire body’s health.

Vacha rhizome powder, 125 mg to 250 grams or 500 grams can be taken in divided dose in a day.





Another powerful herb for amnesia, Shankhpushpi is known as Convolvulus pluricaulis scientifically. Its whole plant can be used to make natural formulations. This is again kept in a group called medhya and rasayan in classical books, means that improves intellectual power and rejuvenate body physically and mentally. Shankhpushi is a brain stimulator that increases memory, attention, and concentration and relaxes mind. With antioxidant properties it also contains glycosides, alkaloids and various other acids useful for healthy brain functions.


Shankhpushpi decoction can be taken in the dose of 30 to 50 ml thrice a day or it can be taken as a syrup with other herbs in combination.



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