Health Benefits of Honey!!

 health benefits of honey


Honey is used extensively in many dishes and also in herbal formulations due to its wonderful health benefits. It has been used across the globe over the past countless years. While numerous health benefits of honey has made it to occupy special place in ayurvedic treatment, modern science also has found it beneficial in many ways after researches.

Honey is a yellowish brown viscous liquid, produced by bees. Bees collect nectar from flowers and convert it in to honey. Honey can be preserved for many years without any preservative. It is known for its sweet taste.

Honey is packed with number of properties like Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, Laxative, Anti-Viral, Blood Purifier, Digestive, Sedative etc.


Here Are 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey


Natural Antiseptic

 health benefits of honey


Honey is considered as a great natural antiseptic and can be used both internally and externally. Its local application works wonder in skin problems like acne, sunburn, wrinkles, burns and even in wounds.

It works as a good moisturizing agent that helps to make skin glowing and charming. Honey is used as a natural bleaching agent that helps to lighten the skin texture.


Energy Booster

 health benefits


Honey can be used as an instant natural energy booster. Honey is a good natural source of carbohydrates as it is packed with sugar fructose which is must sweeter than glucose. It gets easily absorbed by the body and hence can be used as an instant energy booster immediately after workout.


You can mix 1 tsp full honey in a glass of water to drink. One can add half lemon juice for enhancing taste.


Aids in Weight Loss

 health benefits of honey


Honey aids in weight loss. People who are worried about over weight, must have tried honey in place of sugar. Some have doubt that isn’t honey sweet so how it helps to lose weight rather than putting on more? Yes its sweet but with empty calories. Honey has the properties of mobilizing stubborn fat and provide energy beside. It is known best and result giving home remedy for weight loss.

Mix 1 tsp of honey in a lukewarm glass of water with half of lemon juice. You can pinch of black pepper powder too for best results. Drink this mixture daily empty stomach in the morning daily.


Fights Cough, Cold and Other Allergies



Honey is used widely in many herbal medicines due to its health benefits. It heals to clear the blocked channels via clearing Kapha (one of the physical energy as per Ayurveda) and other toxins effectively. It deal with cough, cold and various other respiratory allergies when opted on a regular basis.

It is packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so rejuvenates the defence mechanism as well.


Deals with Colon Ulcers and Associated GIT Problems

 health benefits of honey


Honey serves as a great healer. If taken internally it helps to heal the ulcers and wounds in GIT. As it works as a healing agent externally, does the same when taken orally. It stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the colon that aids to healthy digestion.

As it is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the colon inflammation. Therefore honey is helpful in very common GIT problems like Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Disease.


Beside these 5 amazing health benefits of honey, it has few more to mention.

home remedy for weight loss



Honey takes out free radicals from body via clearing body channels. It is packed with many phytonutrients and anti-oxidant properties therefore prevent from heart diseases. Researches have proved that honey has sleep inducing properties. It has the capacity to penetrate deep in the tissues and enhances the properties of other herb or eating stuff when taken in combination.



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