Safflower Seeds Health Benefits!!


Are you aware of Health Benefits of Safflower Seeds? If not, here is some information for you.

Safflower oil is a very important oil seeds crop. Its seeds look more or less like orange seeds which are bitter in taste. Oil content of seeds depends upon the amount of hull removed during processing. It is one of the most polyunsaturated one. It is packed with linoleic acid that helps to promote and improve availability of calcium to body tissues.


Safflower Seeds Health Benefits


Safflower has been cultivated in India, Egypt and Middle East. It is still used as a dye in India. It also spread out through china and japan. In Sanskrit literature of ancient India we get reference of kusumbha oil which is known to have purgative properties. This is given to relieve constipation with warm water or milk. Let’s know in detail, what are the other health benefits of these seeds –



Safflower Seeds Health Benefits


Female Health Problems

Safflower seeds can be of great help in painful menstruation which is a very common problem among females especially of young age. You can make a decoction by boiling 2 tsp. of safflower seeds in 120 ml of water. Drink this decoction twice daily before or during your periods.

Dried flowers mixed with rose also show wonderful results in same and other related problems. Safflower seeds make a health tonic for females who have problem in conceiving and get habitual abortion.


Sexual Weakness

Well, another very important safflower health benefit is to provide aphrodisiac treatment. These seeds are advised to improve sexual weakness.

For this men can take powdered 1 tsp. of safflower seeds in a glass of milk. For better results, 1 tsp. of almond powder can be added. For sweetness prefer honey instead of sugar because that also aids in sexual health. This remedy improves vigor and quality of semen. Taking this before going to bed is well advised.



These seeds are highly beneficial in relieving symptoms of asthma like chest congestion and shortness of breath. They are capable to take out mucus due to expectorant properties. Half of tsp. can be mixed well with 1 tsp. of honey to take at least twice or thrice daily.

As said above, dried flowers mixed with rose also show wonderful results in asthma. This helps to reduce the spasm by liquefying the sputum.


Heart Disorders

Safflower oil do wonders in improving cardiovascular health and this is best one among other safflower health benefits. This oil has been found useful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol even.

This can be taken orally with warm water in the quantity of 1 tsp. One can even take powdered seeds with a glass of low fat milk on regular basis.


Skin Problems

Skin problems such as eczema can be due to lack of linoleic acid. Being an excellent source of linoleic acid, safflower seeds are very much beneficial in dealing with such skin problems. Oil can be used externally and even internally. Take 1 tbsp. (tablespoon) of safflower oil with Luke warm water for some days and later dose can be reduced to 1 tsp.


Last to mention but of course not the least, safflower health benefits add as a beauty product as well.  Safflower seeds are rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids which are really needed for hair and skin care.

You can apply directly safflower oil on nails to make them grow shiny and beautiful. Scalp massage also helps to promote hair growth.



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