Oregano Health Benefits!!


Oregano, an important medicinal herb that has been used for seasoning food also has wonderful health benefits. It has got pleasant smell due to chemical constituents such as thymol, limonene, pinene etc. Oregano, scientifically known as Origanum vulgare contains iron, manganese, vitamin E, K, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium etc. It is packed with good antioxidant properties that helps you to maintain clean and purified body system. It is closely related to herb mint. It is very useful to deal with health issues related to digestive, respiratory, reproductive and cardiovascular system. Let’s known in detail how this flavored spice is useful health wise?


Oregano Health Benefits


Oregano Health Benefits

Oregano possesses anti-inflammatory properties that makes it ideal natural remedy for joint problems. After researches it has been proved that oregano contains an active ingredient known as beta – caryophyllin that can be helpful in conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis etc. Use this herb in cooking very often if you complaint of fibromyalgia, joint or muscles pain. It nourishes and provide essential nutrients to maintain normal body functions.


Being packed with anti-cancerous properties, it can be used to have a good control, over all kind of cancers. This health benefit of oregano can prevent you from extra or unusual growth of cells in body and even can stop further aggravation. Breast cancer, a very common type of cancer among females can be prevented up to a great extent by making use of this amazing herb.


Being rich with antioxidant compounds containing rosmarinic acid and thymol, oregano is used to enhance immune system. It boosts the low defense mechanism and helps to purify entire body via clearing channels. Toxins or free radicals are destructive by products of cellular metabolism that can lead to cancer and other serious problems.


Another excellent health benefit of oregano is here. As it also contains omega 3 fatty acids therefore could be of great help in cardiovascular problems. Seasoning food with oregano or sprinkling it over your salad or toaster can help you to have a healthy and controlled blood pressure with cholesterol and triglycerides levels. It has been proved beneficial in diseases like arthrosclerosis, angina pectoris, coronary artery disease and strokes etc.


Oregano improves digestion and it can be very useful in conditions like indigestion, stomach cramps, bloating of gas etc. It enhances bile juice and fights with bacteria, fungus, worms and other parasites and infections. As it contains good amount of fiber in very small amount, helps to eliminate fecal matter easily. Regular intake maintains a healthy digestive system.


Apart from these oregano health benefits, oregano leaves or oil has been used and proved very effective and result giving in cold, cough, asthma, respiratory allergies, sinusitis, menstrual cramps, migraine and urinary tract infections. Oregano oil is also used as a beauty supplement to clear skin from acne, blemishes and scars. It promotes hair health as well. Use over scalp to remove dandruff and impurities and enhance hair growth. Its oil is potent so should be diluted before direct use.



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