Tips for Fatty Liver!!

A very common health problem among youngsters these days is fatty liver. Fatty liver, a term that describes the buildup of fat in the liver. Though it’s very normal to have some fat in the liver but when it’s more than around 10 percent, condition is diagnosed as fatty liver. It doesn’t cause any damage to liver and patient can experience no symptoms usually. Sometimes there are symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, abdominal discomfort when liver fat causes liver enlargement.


Tips for Fatty Liver


Excessive alcohol intake results in fatty liver but there are cases seen with people who do not drink. In such cases, cause could be high fat intake, obesity, sudden weight loss, diabetes, genetic inheritance or side effects of some medications including steroids or aspirin.

Fatty liver can be diagnosed via physical examination, blood tests, ultrasound or MRI and CT scan. Liver enzymes are elevated in this condition. In ultrasound your doctor can see white image of fat of liver. If required, your doctor can ask you to go for liver biopsy where a piece of liver is taken out from liver to rule out exact diagnosis and exact cause of fatty liver.

Well, there is no specific treatment for this but considering few things can actually help you to get rid of this problem.


Let’s discuss few important Tips for Fatty Liver here –


First of all, know the cause of your liver problem and try to sort out that. If you are obese, try to lose it and achieve a healthy weight. Carrying excess body weight is root cause for a couple of health issues so try to be in good shape.

Avoid intake of bad carbohydrates such as refined flour, white sugar, white bread, white rice, soda or other processed foods as they convert in to fat that gets deposit on liver.

Manage your blood sugar. Totally say to sweet, high fat and junk, packed foods which are causative factors to give rise increased blood glucose levels in blood.

Maintain healthy cholesterol. Our eating habits and inactive life style plays important role here. Try to opt for an organic food, eat more fruits and leafy vegetables. Very easy to say but hard to do, yes! Avoid eating fast foods.

If alcohol intake is the reason behind your fatty liver, quit it at any cost or else you can take yourself towards danger.

Turmeric is an excellent herb that is packed with great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes an effective natural remedy for fatty liver. Take half tsp. in a cup of warm milk and drink every day. You can also take half tsp. of it with 1 tsp. of honey, twice or so daily. Take for few weeks.

Lemon make another amazing home remedy for fatty liver for the same. Being a wonderful antioxidant, lemon helps in liver detoxification and ease the liver inflammation. Have 1 tsp. of lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water empty stomach daily. You can drink lemon water 2 to 3 times daily for better results even.

Green tea is another natural way to deal with this condition. It is also packed with good antioxidant properties that helps to detoxify liver and protect liver functions. Drink it daily 2 to 3 times.

Roast cumin and carom seeds and powder them properly. Store in a container. Have half to 1 tsp. of this with a pinch of salt with water. Do this for couple of days.

Make use of flax seeds. Powder them and sprinkle over salad, take with bread or mix in juice. This high antioxidant food product is healthy in all ways.

Garlic as explained many times in other articles makes another astounding home remedy for fatty liver. Have 2 to 3 fresh pods of it early morning, empty stomach or with food. This super food helps in detoxification and makes body free from toxins. You can also make use of it in cooking.


However these Tips for Fatty Liver are helpful for you but do not forget to go for walk and take some time from your daily routine for some exercises and work out. You can also consult your Ayurveda expert to opt for some natural supplements for easy convenience.



For specific treatment, always consult an Ayurveda expert!
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