Top Healthy Foods for Diabetes!!

Who is not aware of diabetes? It is one of a serious life threatening disorder which can be termed as Silent Killer. In this article we are not going to explain some treatment for this, but an important way to tackle the blood sugar level in the blood. Yes, we are going to discuss some top healthy foods for diabetes. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you must include all these foods in your diet.


Top Healthy Foods for Diabetes


Diet being a necessary requirement in order to maintain overall general health, at the same time if we are suffering from any disorder, the foods that are actually responsible for that disorder should be avoided. What must be taken in diet in case you are having some problem with your blood sugar level are explained below-


Top Healthy Foods for Diabetes



Oats count among the top healthy foods for diabetes. From children to adults, it makes favorite food of almost everyone. You can start your breakfast with this and what’s more important, you are starting your day with a healthy breakfast. Being rich in beta glucan-a type of fibre that has beneficial effects on cholesterol level, a great way to keep the cholesterol level healthy. A diabetic patient is always at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Oats are known to contain anti-oxidants that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. So what more a diabetic patient wants?


Brown Rice-

Are you taking white rice in your diet? Well, if you are diabetic, it is now time to reduce the intake of rice. Instead of white rice, start taking brown rice. Yes, brown rice is good one for diabetic patients. It reduces the complications of diabetes by 50 percent. So you can enjoy even rice in your diet too. But yes, instead of adding veggies to brown rice, try to add brown rice to veggies.  It will control the blood sugar level to a better extent.



Which vegetables you have to include in your diet are mentioned here. First of all, spinach and kale are the most beneficial ones. What come next is gourd family. Yes, ridge gourd (tori), ash gourd (petha), bottle gourd (ghiya) and round gourd (tinde) are healthy for such patients. Bitter melon (karela) is another healthy vegetable for the same. Broccoli and beans are also the good ones. Broccoli is even known as anti-diabetes superhero among all the vegetables. All these vegetables are counted among top healthy foods for diabetes.



Being the natural source of nutrients, fruits are another healthy way to manage the diabetes to a great extent. Kiwi is known to have direct influence on blood sugar level. It reduces the level to 20 percent. Indian black berry (jamun) is the great one to control the blood sugar level. Seeds of this fruit can be consumed by the patients in powdered form. Guava is known to possess low glycemic index and low glycemic index foods are required in such patients. Pine apple, apple and papaya are packed with essential nutrients and minerals. All citrus fruits are good for diabetic person as they are rich in vitamin C.



So now comes, spices, without which Indian cooking can’t be completed. Turmeric (haldi) is beneficial for almost every health problem. Being a source of numerous medicinal properties, it is an excellent one to manage the blood glucose level. Cinnamon (dalchini) is rich in bio-active compounds. Fenugreek (methi) slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars. Ginger and garlic is known to have anti-diabetic properties. Curry leaves (curry patta), coriander (dhaniya) and cumin (jeera) are other important spices that are useful in controlling high sugar level in the blood. All of these spices must not be skipped while cooking foods.


So, being a great way to handle the diabetes naturally, a diabetic patient should include all these foods in their diet. With these Top Healthy Foods for Diabetes, one can easily maintain his or her blood sugar level.



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