Top Figs Health Benefits!!


Soft, sweet and pulpy fruit called fig occupies high position among fruits. Ripe fruit with sugary pulp is juice and delicious. We are sure after knowing top figs health benefits, you are going to make them a part of your daily routine!

Figs contain number of small golden seeds sticking on the fruit’s walls. However being highly perishable, they are sold in the world markets in its dry form. It can be taken in many ways to achieve its wonderful health benefits.

Figs are packed with many essential nutrients and is a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium etc. They consist good amount of moisture, fat and carbohydrate. It’s another important food element is sugar that forms around 70 % of the whole fruit.


Figs Health Benefits


Top Figs Health Benefits



Figs are excellent source of fiber thus can beat constipation up to a huge extent. They can be taken either soaked or dry. They are regarded as a dependable laxative on account of its large cellulose content. Also tiny seeds of figs stimulate peristaltic movements of intestines which facilitate the easy elimination of fecal matter. This is one among most important health benefits of figs as it is believed that constipation is the root cause for all the diseases to happen.


High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Figs are good source of potassium and are low in sodium. High sodium diet with low potassium diet is the cause for blood pressure to rise up so we can say that figs are excellent to keep blood pressure in control. As they are rich in pectin (fiber) helps to clear the obstruction of channels to remove via excretory system. This way figs can prevent from high cholesterol and many other cardiovascular diseases.



Figs are considered to be beneficial for respiratory illness such as asthma. They help to take out phlegm and give relief. In another way to say that as figs deal with constipation effectively, can take care of asthma symptoms like chest congestion, shortness of breath, hoarseness of voice etc. Constipation and indigestion is the aggravating factor in asthma.



Due to laxative properties of figs, they are great for treating piles. Figs help to remove waste out easily that prevent pain, inflammation and other symptoms of piles. Regular use for few days to weeks can cure this condition in a better way.

Soak 2 dried figs in water and leave overnight. Have them in the morning. This is the best way of taking them in case of piles and even anal fistula.


Sexual Debility

Figs are very much important in taking care of minor to major problems relates to sexual health. They are equally important like almonds, dates and raisins. When taken with whole milk and butter, effects are awesome. Essential nutrients of figs boost the sexual organs and nourish their normal functions.



Figs contain calcium and phosphorus which are most important components of healthy bones. Regular intake promotes strength to bones and keep bone related problems like osteoporosis and low bone density at bay.


Hope these Top Figs Health Benefits help you to lead a healthy life! Please note that consume the water of soaked figs also along with figs so that all nutrients are taken by the body. Consumption of too many figs can cause diarrhea in some or tooth decay as they are high in sugar. Daily 1 – 2 dried figs are advised. Make sure you wash them properly before using.



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