Top 5 Raisins Health Benefits!!


Raisins are dried grapes which are liked by children to elders a lot.  They are packed with essential nutrients. Here we are going to discuss top 5 raisins health benefits that will insist you to include them in your daily eating stuffs.


Top 5 Raisins Health Benefits



Though all grapes are not suitable for making raisins but which are very sweet are only selected. Raisins are rich source of Minerals, Carbohydrates and Vitamins. Raisins have 6 to 8 times more sugar than grapes and it is of superior quality. Its major portion is formed by Glucose and Fruit Sugar so they are healthy and can be consumed freely. There is no limitations until you have some underlying health condition where they are not advised.


Top 5 Raisins Health Benefits –



Raisins are really good to enhance body weight. They are packed with essential fatty acids and other nutrients. They can be taken on daily basis by underweight people to reach their normal healthy weight. Raisins can be taken handful twice daily. When taken with a glass of whole milk, results are awesome. You can soak them overnight along with 3 to 4 figs, have empty stomach next morning. Try for couple of days to month and you can see a good change in your weight.



Raisin are highly useful in the treatment of digestive problems like constipation. Ayurveda believes that constipation is the root cause for all the diseases to happen so one should avoid it at any cost. Best way of taking raisins in treating constipation is, soak them in a bowl or glass of drinking water for near about 20 to 24 hours. Have them in the morning empty stomach, seeds can be thrown out. This way you can get rid of even chronic constipation too. Need to follow this home remedy for couple of days, depending upon individual’s digestion.



Acidosis is a condition of body where acidity of body fluid is too high and it is beyond its normal range. This is highly important to keep body alkaline to achieve good health. It has been proved that regular use of raisins help body to get back its normal alkaline nature. Raisins contribute a lot in acidosis among its top 5 raisins health benefits. One can use it freely. They also lowers the urinary ammonia as they make good alkaline food. So raisins are highly advised for people who eat lot of meat and cereals as they are more prone to have with condition called acidosis.


Sexual Weakness

When we talk about sexual debility or low sex power, Ayurveda reminds us importance and role of black raisins to restore healthy sexual functions.  This way has excellent results, wash some black raisins with lukewarm water and boil them in whole milk for some time until they swell and become sweeter. Later they can be eaten followed by a glass of milk for better results.  You can use 20 to 30 gm. raisins in 200ml of milk in the beginning and slowly dose can be increased up to 50 gm. Results will be wonderful and you can feel a good change in sexual weakness.



Raisins are great source of iron so can help you to come out from problem called anemia. You can have them the way you like. Also make them a part of your breakfast or snacks break along with dry peaches. You can soak them with dry peaches overnight to have first thing in the early morning. Regular use helps you to enhance red blood cells and overcome the problem of anemia.


Along with these Top 5 Raisins Health Benefits, they can be used in salad, curries and deserts. It is said that some European people use raisins to cure various chronic health diseases. They call it “Raisin Cure” means person is given with only raisin diet for few days. Well, as we said above raisins are good in acidosis that could be the reason here.



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