How to have the right amount of fruits or vegetables in a day?


“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”! You might have learned this common phrase in your childhood days. So, are you eating an apple daily? “Yes”! It’s good! It is better if you are consuming more number of fruits or vegetables in a day as they are an important part of a healthy diet. Are they really effective? Yes, diets high in fruits and vegetables are associated with many health benefits and may even help decrease the risk of many health problems.


How to have the right amount of fruits or vegetables in a day

How many servings of fruits or vegetables should you eat daily to be healthy?

How many fruits you are eating per day? 2 or 5! Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day is absolutely fine while eating up to 10 portions daily can increase the health benefits and promote your overall health. How is it possible to eat 10 servings daily? This question may strike your mind now! You may be thinking that it can be a little difficult to accomplish this daunting task! Don’t you? Well, we have an easy way out for you to complete this task. You might be thinking of dietary supplements. Let us clear your thoughts on supplements first and then will proceed on how to eat 10 portions in a single day.

Which is better- A whole fruit (or vegetable) or a dietary supplement?

Have you ever noticed your friends taking nutritional supplements to fulfill the dietary requirements as they can’t eat nature’s own delicious foods? If so, you might think that consuming dietary supplements can really help you as well. If you are thinking so you may be wrong. How? Ok, let us assume you are taking vitamin C supplements! What will you get? Vitamin C! What if you eat a whole orange? Fiber, satisfaction, fullness, flavor, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Calcium and of course Vitamin C! So what would you like to take- A single dietary supplement that can only give you a particular nutrient or a whole fruit that can supply many nutrients to your body? Choice is yours!

How to eat 10 servings of fruits or vegetables per day?

Here is the meal plan!

  • What do you drink at breakfast? Tea or coffee! What if you start your day with the very first serving of fruit i.e. a glass of orange juice with a bowl of oats or cereals! This can make your first portion of a day.
  • Later after breakfast, roast three of your favourite vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and tomato in olive oil using cumin and ajwain seeds. Now, how many servings? “3”! It’s great; you have consumed a total of 4 portions till now! Good!
  • It’s time for an afternoon snack, now! You can eat 2 fruits of your choice. Apple and banana can be a good option. It counts for 2 portions. 4 more portions to consume!
  • After a busy day at work, you may want to consume some snacks at home to restore your energy. At that time, have a delicious smoothie made up of berries and grapes to add 2 more portions for the same day.
  • Only 2 portions are left! What more can be eaten? What about leafy greens in dinner? You can take 2 green vegetables such as peas and beans. Portion count-2

So, finally, 10 (1+3+2+2+2) portions have consumed! Not a difficult task! What say?

What are you waiting for? Make a diet plan now and try to adjust 10 portions of different fruits or vegetables into it to experience many health benefits. After all, it’s a natural way to enhance your overall well-being. Wait! If you can only eat 5 servings of these beneficial foods and can’t eat more, then also you are good to go! Don’t try to eat more than 5 servings forcefully! But make sure, you are adding a variety to the meal plan and not the same fruit or vegetable all the time, daily.



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