Significance of Yoga for Slip Disc!!

Yoga for Slip Disc

Significance of Yoga for Slip Disc!! Slipped disc is a condition, which occurs in lumbosacral spine. The complication of slip disc happens due to excessive strain on the lower part of the back region. It causes on eof the discs to rupture. The fluid inside the disc herniates. It escapes backward. This complication mainly occurs […]

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Healthy diet in pregnancy!!

Healthy diet in pregnancy

Healthy diet in pregnancy!! A baby in her mother’s womb gets nourishment from the food that the mother eats and drinks. It is the major source of the nourishment. Thus, it is recommended that women must practice healthy diet in pregnancy. The pregnant woman requires a lot of folic acid, calcium, protein and iron all […]

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Herbs for Enlarged Prostate!!

Herbs for Enlarged Prostate

Herbs for Enlarged Prostate!! Enlarged prostate is the medical complication, where the walnut shaped prostate gland of the male human body gets inflamed. This state is also known as the Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. This situation happens in male of 50 years or more. There are several causes of this complication.     With […]

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Some Effective Spirulina Health Benefits!!

Spirulina health benefits

Some Effective Spirulina Health Benefits!!   Spirulina is known as the “superfood”. This is because of the immense Spirulina Health Benefits in various fields. It is known for its tremendous nutritional content, which has a huge impact on the overall health of the individuals. It is basically a species of cyanobacterium, whih is commonly known […]

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Nettle leaf tea health benefits!!

Nettle leaf tea health benefits

Nettle leaf tea health benefits!! The Nettle leaf tea is known to have a wide range of health benefits. It serves to be a superb herb for maintaining the health of the individuals and lead a healthy life. The various medicinal properties of the herb, astringent, pectoral, styptic, hermetic, anti-rheumatic, decongestant, expectorant, anti-spasmodic, anti-histaminic, anti-allergic […]

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5 important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season!!

keep you healthy in rainy season

5 important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season!! Rainy season or monsoon is the season of fun, romance and excitement. The idyllic greenery makes lives refreshing and rejuvenated. However, to add to your concerns, this season is the host of several diseases and illnesses. Some of the common illnesses during this season are […]

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Top Home Remedies for Food poisoning!!

Top Home Remedies for Food poisoning

Top Home Remedies for Food poisoning!! Food poisoning is quite a common medical complication. Almost every one of us have faced this issue one or more times in our lives. The various symptoms of this condition are vomiting, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal cramps. Our body tends to lose a lot of water, when […]

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Marigold Health Benefits!!

Marigold Health Benefits

Marigold Health Benefits!! Commonly known as marigold flower, Calendula is very beautiful with yellowish orange shade. Marigold health benefits are plentiful which are listed below. It belongs to the family asteraceae with Latin name Calendula officinalis. Flower and its oil is used for medicinal purpose. It can be used in many ways. Can be taken […]

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Top Herbs for Ulcerative Colitis!!

Top Herbs for Ulcerative Colitis

Top Herbs for Ulcerative Colitis!!   Well, today we are going to have discussion about an intestinal disorder – Ulcerative Colitis. If we talk about how many are affected, then the answer is- every 8 to 240 people per 100,000 people. It badly affects person’s social and psychological well-being. As name says, there is inflammation […]

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Surprising Facts of Male Infertility!!

Surprising Facts of Male Infertility

Surprising Facts of Male Infertility!! Well, to expand a family, a person should be fertile enough. Infertility destroys the dream of having a family. Society still thinks, that the actual cause of couple infertility is female. To clear this assumption, we are going to discuss some surprising facts of male infertility. Men are equally affected […]

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