Triphala as an Anti-Ageing Remedy!!


Triphala as an Anti-Ageing Remedy!!   To start with Triphala, let us first have an overview of what is Triphala. Well, Triphala is an Ayurvedic substance, which is a combination of three naturally occurring herbs, namely Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. This medicine was prescribed in India for the first time. This balanced Ayurvedic formulation is […]

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Ayurveda to Improve Health!!

Ayurveda to Improve Health!! Ayurveda the science of healing says that the wellbeing of an individual solely depends on the ability to adapt to the surrounding. The well-being of an individual doesn’t mean only physical well-being. It takes into account the spiritual and emotional well-being of the individuals to a significant extent. It includes the […]

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Reasons for hip pain in women!!

Reasons for hip pain in women

Reasons for hip pain in women!! You must have heard many ladies saying that they experience lower back pain or it’s just like hip pain either one side or both side. Yes, there are number of reasons for hip pain in women. Let’s know what the structure of hip bone is. Hip is a ball […]

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Top uses of Lavender Oil!!

Top uses of Lavender Oil

Top uses of Lavender Oil!! Lavender is scientifically known as Lavandula augustifolia. It is one of the most versatile essential oils available in the market. This oil has a lot of health benefits. Its wide array of uses makes it one of the most effective oils of the industry. This oil is known for its […]

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Poppy seeds health benefits!!

Poppy seeds health benefits

Poppy seeds health benefits!! The poppy plant is the biennial herb, which is grown in the Asia Minor and East Mediterranean. The plant belongs to the family, Papaveraceae. This herb is scientifically known as Papaver somniferum. The poppy seeds is known as “khus khus” in Hindi, “Kasa Kasa” in Tamil, “Posto” in Bengali, “Gasagase” in […]

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How to improve your child’s sleep?

How to improve your child's sleep

How to improve your child’s sleep?   Child’s sleep is extremely important for their overall development, physical and emotional well-being. There may be several reasons for your child for not getting a good amount of sleep. But, are you aware of the ways to improve your child’s sleep? Here are some of the tips to […]

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How Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Lead to Kidney Failure!!

Kidney Failure

How Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Lead to Kidney Failure!! Kidneys are the bean shaped organs, located on each side of the spine below the rib cage. The kidneys produce approximately 2 quarts of urine every day. This urine comprises extra fluid and waste materials. This urine flows from the kidneys to the urinary bladder […]

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Significance of Yoga for Slip Disc!!

Yoga for Slip Disc

Significance of Yoga for Slip Disc!! Slipped disc is a condition, which occurs in lumbosacral spine. The complication of slip disc happens due to excessive strain on the lower part of the back region. It causes on eof the discs to rupture. The fluid inside the disc herniates. It escapes backward. This complication mainly occurs […]

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Healthy diet in pregnancy!!

Healthy diet in pregnancy

Healthy diet in pregnancy!! A baby in her mother’s womb gets nourishment from the food that the mother eats and drinks. It is the major source of the nourishment. Thus, it is recommended that women must practice healthy diet in pregnancy. The pregnant woman requires a lot of folic acid, calcium, protein and iron all […]

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Herbs for Enlarged Prostate!!

Herbs for Enlarged Prostate

Herbs for Enlarged Prostate!! Enlarged prostate is the medical complication, where the walnut shaped prostate gland of the male human body gets inflamed. This state is also known as the Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH. This situation happens in male of 50 years or more. There are several causes of this complication.     With […]

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