Mint Health Benefits!!


Mint, a very popular herb, used extensively in kitchens and known very well for mouth and breath freshener. Scientifically it is called Menthe piperita and known as pudina in Hindi. Below mentioned Mint health benefits can guide you in a better way to use this natural plant in many ways for various health problems if you are not aware of them. This is used from centuries for its significant medicinal properties.

 Mint Health Benefits

Mint Health Benefits


Abdominal Cramps –

Mint or Pudina is wonderful to reduce abdominal cramps and fights back a number of digestive problems like indigestion, bloating of gas, acidity, and bowel disturbances etc. Mint relaxes the muscles of digestive tract due to antispasmodic properties and gives relief from abdominal cramps and discomfort. You must have heard your mother or grandmother about taking pudinhara or pudina goli in stomachache. This is very effective ingredients even in various natural formulation meant for cramps or pain due to digestive health issues. Menthol present in mint helps enzymes needed for good digestion. You can drink mint tea sip by sip to relax abdominal muscles.


Nausea and Vomiting –

Mint can provide relief from nausea and vomiting due to its strong aroma. Just smell it when you have nausea and for sure you can see quick results. Mint is natural soothing plant that makes you to relax and divert your mind from things which create problems. This is effective and safe for expecting mother as well in morning sickness and nausea. They can simply smell few fresh mint leaves. Again as said earlier, mint helps enzymes which are needed for proper digestion, such digestive issues can be sorted out easily. Mint leaves tea, flavored with cardamom can help a lot for instant relief in this condition.


Mental Fatigue and Stress –

Another effective health benefit of mint is to beat stress up to a great extent. Mint leaves just make you to feel relax and helps to keep mental fatigue and stress with other related problems at bay. Due to its relaxing properties, can be used effectively in headache or in migraine. You can make paste of fresh leaves of mint and apply directly over forehead for some time. Either natural balms containing mint can be used for your convenience. You can also inhale mint fumes which in turn release serotonin hormones to reduce mental stress and weakness.


Allergy –

Mint’s active compound called rosmarinic acid blocks the allergy producing leukotriene due to its excellent anti-oxidant properties. Therefore can be of great help in respiratory allergies and asthma. Moreover due to its strong aroma it can provide relief from blocked nose, cold and cough. As it provides soothing effects, can relieve irritation of respiratory allergies. Due to its expectorant properties, mint can help to take out phlegm in productive cough.


Skin Care

Mint is a great cleanser. Among its wonderful health benefits it aids in beauty too. Mint oil is very good antiseptic that clears the skin and helps to cure infections and other facial problems like scars, blemishes, acne etc. it provides cooling effects in skin burning and irritation. Even this helps in relieving inflammation, pain and redness due to insect bite like honey bee and mosquito.


Oral Care –

Mint health benefits contribute a lot in oral care as well. Due to mint’s best anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, you can maintain your good oral health. This can prevent bacterial growth inside the oral cavity and deal with problems like bad breath, tooth decay, gums inflammation effectively. Chew few mint leaves to clean your tongue, teeth and take out impurities.


Along with these Mint Health Benefits it can be used widely in kitchen. You can dry few mint leaves and powder them to store. Use for seasoning, over salad, with curd or can be taken as chutney.



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