Coconut Health Benefits!!


“Wonder fruit”, yes that is coconut! It is very healthy fruit with almost all the essential nutrients for healthy body functions. Beside coconut health benefits, this is also known as sacred fruit and holds very special place in religious ceremonies.

Coconut Health Benefits


Coconut is very nourishing and strengthening fruit which can be used in many ways. Dried coconut is very high in energy value (almost 660 calories per 100 grams). Coconut oil is easily digestive and resembles very near to butter in physical and chemical properties. Its protein content is of high quality that contains all essential amino acids and it is also packed with sodium, potassium, magnesium and sulphur. Tender coconut water is another beneficial drink in all the ways to maintain good health. Let’s know more in detail –


Coconut Health Benefits



Tender coconut water is excellent natural remedy for indigestion and various other digestive health issues such as colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal cramps etc. you must have seen some south Indians specially Kerala people who use coconut oil for food preparations. According to them this very healthy oil to keep digestion and entire body fit and healthy. Though it gives a peculiar smell in dishes but who are habitual to it, enjoy fully.


Urinary Disorders

Another very important health benefit of coconut is here. Coconut water is very beneficial in urinary tract infections. This acts as a wonderful natural diuretic that clears the channels related to kidneys. It helps to flush out toxins out and deals with urinary disorders like albuminuria, burning urination, scanty and suppressed urination, and acidic urine. Drink coconut water daily for better results.


Skin Problems

For sure everyone must be aware of coconut oil benefits, it is very common oil used at home from centuries for various skin problems. You can find many herbal lotions, creams and other skin care products containing coconut oil or extract as a one among main ingredients. This improves skin texture and make it clearer, youthful and charming. Coconut oil is even very useful in burns and scalds.

This is highly advised by Ayurveda experts for any kind of skin problem like scars, pimples, blemishes, under eye dark circles etc. This is proved beneficial home remedy for skin itching and ringworms. You can add a small piece of camphor in warm coconut oil for massage, in skin dryness, rashes and itching.


Hair Problems

Coconut oil is a hair restorer and is used as hair oil for head massage across worldwide. This is very familiar among people with its health benefits. Massage your hair at least twice in a week before you take head bath. This helps to make them strong from root and provide you healthy and shiny hair which is a dream of every one specially women. You can make warm it before using for better results. It will not be wrong to say that coconut health benefits contribute maximum in skin and hair care.


Intestinal Worms

Coconut can be of great help in intestinal worms. This is effective home remedy for children also. Freshly pounded coconut can be taken in the quantity of 1 teaspoon to tablespoon followed by castor oil (dose depends person to person and according to age and digestive fire). This can be repeated till desirable results are not achieved. This also deals with other problems associated with intestinal worms like indigestion, nausea, anorexia etc.


Dry Cough

Coconut milk do wonders in dry cough. Coconut milk mixed with a tbsp. poppy seeds and honey can be taken at bed time every night. This is an effective home remedy for cough due to some throat irritation or smoking. It helps you to soothe throat and respiratory passage. This amazing home remedy can be practiced for few days till desired results are achieved.



Coconut beats acidity and other digestive problems up to a huge extent. Have a glass of coconut water, daily. It keeps body hydrated and fights chronic acidity too efficiently. Coconut oil reduces the acid secretion of the stomach and gives very much relief to the patient suffering from acidity, heat burn and abdominal discomfort.


Along with these amazing Coconut Health Benefits, this is widely used in cooking and preparation of jams, butter, salad oil etc. Dry coconut is used for sweet preparations as it gives a different flavor, taste and of course is healthy too. However some may be allergic to this (asthmatic patients) so care should be taken.



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