Ayurveda or Natural treatment is the system in which five elements are used to treat the diseases and maintain a good health. These five elements are known as Pancha Mahabhootas.

According to the ancient Indian Philosophy, the universe is composed of five mahabhootas. Even our body and all kind of foods are derived from this. The five elements are: –

  1. Prithvi or Bhumi (Earth)
  2. Apa or Jala (Water)
  3. Agni (Tejas)
  4. Vayu or Pawan (Air/Wind)
  5. Aakash (Ether or Space)
Five Elements (Pancha Mahabhuta)

1. Ether

Most expensive and least concrete of all. It is the first element that comes to existence in the beginning of the creation.

It has one quality – Sound.

Ether is most effective element that is attained by fasting. Fasting is helpful in various health conditions. It helps to improve body functions and make it free from toxins.

2. Air

After ether, air is originated in Nature. It maintains all the movements in the universe.

It has got 2 qualities – Sound and Touch.

Air is obtained by doing pranayam and walking on open places. This way, lungs become stronger with their normal functions. By taking morning walk regularly, good health is not only maintained but one feels most alive and energetic throughout the day.

3. Fire

Fire in order to convert solids into liquids to gas and back again to the original state, a certain amount of power is required that is provided by fire. Fire has the power to change the state of any substance. Its functions are cooking, heating, giving energy and hunger-thirst occurs due to this element.

It has got 3 qualities – Sound, Touch and Form.

Fire element is achieved from Sun. One must spend some time under sunlight. Morning time is best. House where there is no sunlight, health stays far away.

4. Water

About 70% human body is made up of water. Liquid state is represented by the water. In addition to water, fluid including our blood and lymph move between our cells and through the vessels. This helps to provide the energy. It helps to regulate body temperature as well.

Qualities are – Sound, Touch, Form and Taste.

A person can’t survive without water. For some days it’s possible but only for few days only. It is a very important element of the body.

5. Earth

Earth represents the solid state of matter in the planet. It symbolizes stability, rigidity and permanence. The human body consists of bones, teeth and made up of earth. It is regarded as a stable substance.

It has got 5 qualities which are – Sound, Touch, Form and Taste and Smell.

Earth is necessary for all of us for food which is produced in it.

Well, for our existence on this planet, all the 5 elements are required. Use of all these elements makes our life happy, Joyful and stress free.

All the elements are manifested by supreme God and these are manifested itself from subtle to grosser substance.

Ether is grosser than supreme, air is grosser than ether, fire is grosser than air, water is grosser than fire and earth is grosser than water.

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