Meditation with a Mantra!!

What is meditation?

The technique of meditation is to keep the mind fully occupied on one thing. When it is fully occupied on one thing, it is kept away from many things and becomes quiet and calm. It is similar except that you shouldn’t become unconscious as you do in sleep.

Meditation with a Mantra

Meditation with a mantra is also known as Japa yoga. Japa, the practice of repetition of a mantra focuses the mind and makes it one pointed which leads to meditation.

What is mantra?

A mantra is a sound structure of one or more syllabus that represents a particular aspect of the divine vibration.

Practicing with a mantra is a simple but very efficient approach. It is a method that utilizes sound vibrations. Mantras have been handed down as guides to spiritual aspirants through generations of spiritual masters. Concentrated mental repetition of the mantra produces vibrations with in the individual’s entire  system  that are in tune with the divine  vibration.

What is pranava?

Pranava means a humming sound. Hum is called the word/sound and is expressed vocally by OM. Fact is that the real OM is not even spoken as it is to be felt within deep meditation as the humming of the cosmic vibration.

This hum vibrates at different levels and gives rise to different forms because sound vibrations create forms.

Science also says that everything including we in the universe are nothing but sound vibrations in different wavelengths. Every particle vibrates as there are atoms in it, filled with the movements of electrons and protons.

To commune with this sound is to have communion with GOD. Call it communion with God or Yoga with God or union with nature. Well, to have this communion one has to vibrate on the same wavelength as the sound vibrates.

Become a radio receiver and tune yourself to that wavelength. Mantra is repeated first vocally later silently with lips movements and in more advanced stages, it’s mentally. When the tuning is complete, the energy flows into you and you get the divine music.

OM is the basic vibration that helps to vibrate each and every cell in your body to bring peace. Of course when you add HARI or SHANTI, you get added effects. Hari means one that removes all the obstacles. Shanti is peace. It is to be felt or experienced within oneself.

When you repeat a mantra, a sacred word repeats it mentally. Try to feel the inner vibration by your mental repetition. For this you have to draw your mind fully inward and then you will be able to hear the sound with in. It is also possible to hear an inaudible sound within you which is your inner voice.

Therefore, meditation with chanting these words or mantra is a wonderful technique which when done with concentration. This helps to connect your mind, body and enjoy your true nature. When you are in peace, you are in God. You are with God. God is all peaceful. 😊

There is no hurry with this. Do things carefully and gradually with perfection and discipline. Everything requires a little time and a particular method.

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