Triphala as an Anti-Ageing Remedy!!


To start with Triphala, let us first have an overview of what is Triphala. Well, Triphala is an Ayurvedic substance, which is a combination of three naturally occurring herbs, namely Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. This medicine was prescribed in India for the first time. This balanced Ayurvedic formulation is dubbed as the “nectar of life”. Triphala as an anti-ageing remedy is widely accepted in the medical science.


Triphala as an Anti-Ageing Remedy

Ingredients of Triphala


The basic ingredients of this herbal formulation are the following:



It is commonly known as Amla or Indian gooseberry. Amalaki is scientifically known as Emblica officinalis. It is highly abundant in Vitamin C and helps in elevating the level of immunity and boosting the haemoglobin concentration in the blood of the individuals. It helps in strengthening the eye muscles, providing glowing skin and healthy hair as well.



It is also known as the Harad. Haritaki is scientifically known as Terminalia chebula. This herb has rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. It imparts young appearance and revitalizing the energies of the individuals. It also helps in enhancing the immune system and a faster process of wound healing as well.



It is commonly known as Baheda. Bibhitaki is scientifically called Terminalia bellerica. It has blood purifying and detoxifying properties. It prevents premature ageing and premature greying of hairs. It helps in strengthening the roots of the hairs and facilitate the process of removal of fats from the body of the individuals to a significant extent.


Thus, these three herbs are blended together in equal quantities along with their medicinal properties to give rise to the efficient and one of the most powerful Ayurvedic medicines known as Triphala. Triphala as an anti ageing remedy is extremely beneficial these days among the medical practitioners across the globe. This formulation helps in carrying out the process of metabolism efficiently imparting a healthy youthful body.


Anti-ageing remedy, Triphala Properties

Triphala is known to possess a lot of Ayurvedic properties. These include anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidating, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, blood purifying, detoxifying properties and many more. It is often dubbed as a complete package. It helps in treating constipation, leucorrhoea, pyorrhea, jaundice, chronic ulcers, cough and many more.


Health Benefits of Triphala

Following are some of the important health benefits of Triphala.

Triphala aids in balancing the tridoshas. This includes the essential three elements of the body, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This helps to regulate the nervous system of the individuals, enhance the power of immunity, govern the metabolism of the body, treat indigestion and helps to maintain the integrity of the entire structure. Thus, it provides revitalizing and rejuvenating properties to the body, which help to fight away the process of ageing significantly.

Triphala helps in Weight Loss. This Ayurvedic formulation helps in shedding off those extra kilos and burning away the fat stored in various parts of the body. It is an effective formulation for losing weight.

Another essential property, which makes Triphala as an anti-ageing remedy is flushing out the toxic materials from the body of the individuals. It helps in improving the process of blood circulation, cleansing the lungs, liver and other parts of the body and thereby, carrying out the entire process of blood purification.

Triphala provides natural glow to the skin. It eliminates the various skin related disorders. It eliminates the dead cells from the skin and provides treatment for skin rashes, sunburns and scars to a huge extent. It helps in revitalizing the skin with its natural glowing appearance.

Another effective property, which boosts Triphala as an anti-ageing remedy is its potential to lower the level of bad cholesterol from the blood of the individuals. This helps in regulating the blood pressure. Also, it has anti-microbial properties, which helps to treat the microbial infection effectively.


Thus, these are some of the wonderful properties of Triphala. The anti-ageing remedy, Triphala is extremely beneficial for maintaining the youthfulness of the individuals in all respect. Be it physical appearance or the condition of the health, Triphala plays an active role in every respect. Apart from the properties discussed above, this herbal formulation has anti-allergic and anti-microbial properties, which provide protection from the microbial attacks efficiently. All the various properties and health benefits of this Ayurvedic formulation is very useful for making it a useful anti-ageing remedy.



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