Herbs for hair growth!!

Well, we can see a number of patients or customers looking for hair growth products as modern diet and life style have made our life full of health issues and hair loss is also one among them. Herbs have magic to restore normal hair growth. People are also aware of side effects of allopathic products so always want to have natural ingredients especially for skin and hair problems. Herbs are being used as a natural hair growth promoter that fight hair and scalp problems very well. Some herbs are very familiar where as some need to flesh light on them. Yes here we shall talk about top herbs for hair growth which can be used easily at home without any side effect.


Top herbs for hair growth

Top herbs for hair growth –

Bhringraj – known with Latin name – Eclipta Alba, bhringraj is ancient ayurveda herb for hair growth. It is used in the form of oil that has got miracle benefits. Bhringraj helps to improve scalp blood circulation and nourishes hair follicles that facilitate hair growth. Bhringraj oil can be used as regular hair oil and results are visible with in 3 to 4 weeks. Massage thoroughly at bed time and wash next day morning. Weekly twice or thrice can be used without any problem. It enables to provide natural luster to hair and protects them from damage. Also a proved herb for mental stress, fatigue and migraine. Helps you to have a sound sleep.


Aloe Vera – This is commonest and very popular herb known for hair and skin health. A very beautiful plant that can be seen in many houses. Jelly like substance is used as a medicinal ingredient. Aloe Vera contains many enzymes that helps to dissolve dead skin cells and excess sebum that further blocks hair follicles. Aloe vera is a very good moisturizer agent that nourishes dry hair and gives natural protection to scalp. Being packed with anti biotic, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, aloe vera is just miracle herb for beautiful and strong hair.


Amla – known as Indian goose berry is another wonderful herb for hair growth. Packed with essential fatty acids, vitamin C and great antioxidant properties, amla makes an effective treatment for hair loss, baldness and premature graying of hair. Amla powder/juice is used for medicinal purpose. You can soak amla powder with water overnight and apply next day as a hair mask. It is another best remedy for scalp problems like dandruff, dryness, acne etc. It helps to stimulate hair growth owing to its high iron content. When taken internally, either amla juice or amla churna – amla purifies blood, improves liver functions and improves metabolism that in turn provides hair growth.


Heena – Another best hair beauty ingredient that is widely used by Indian people is heena or called hari/lal mehandi. It acts as a natural hair conditioner that gives beautiful shade to hair with shiny look. Heena improves hair growth, prevents hair fall, prevents dandruff and makes you to get rid of many other related issues. Being packed with anti-microbial, anti-fungal properties, it prevents skin itching and acne. Make fine paste of heena with black tea leaves decoction and leave overnight. It is ready to apply next day. Make sure you pick an authentic product from market to avoid complications and achieve efficacy.


Gotukola– Though gotukola is different from brahmi herb but sometimes considered as same due to very similar properties. Both herbs are used internally and externally for various health benefits. Gotukola is known to improve blood circulation and improve entire functions of nervous system. Gotukola extract can be mixed well with olive oil to massage the scalp. Also consume gotukola extract with water in the form of herbal supplement with water for couple of days. It makes you to improve over all functions of parts above the head.


Among these top herbs for hair growth, there are other also like hibiscus, basil, onion which are used to promote hair growth. Herbs need to be used on regular basis to see visible results. Go natural with herbs especially for your beauty!



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