Benefits of Panchkarma!!

Panchkarma (Internal Cleansing) is a part of Ayurveda (natural healing system of medicine) where five procedures in a proper way are done to purify/detox the body as Ayurveda say’s Ama (waste products) is the root cause for all the health ailments. Benefits of Panchkarma are mentioned below but first, let us understand little more about basic concepts of Ayurveda so that reader can have exact idea about Panchkarma.


Benefits of Panchkarma


Akash (Sky), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth) are five elements or “Panch maha bhoot” literary called in Sanskrit. Every particle or atom is composed of these five elements.  Based on these Prakriti (nature) can be analyzed.

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are three doshas or tri energies which are responsible for health and diseased condition of body.  When these doshas are in equilibrium or in a balanced state individual is healthy and impairment of these doshas leads to various health ailments.

Ayurveda says that along with some doshas there should be some dhatus (equilibrium of seven dhatus – Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, etc.) one more is digestive fire, “Jathar Agni” in Sanskrit which plays major role in contribution of health and disease.

Ayurveda explains use of amazing and result giving herbs which are God’s gift along with advised diet and life style.

If we talk about Panchkarma, why these are five only? What does it means?


Panchkarma means Panch + karma (five procedures).

  1. Vaman – Bringing out the waste toxins out of body from oral route.
  2. Virechan – Bringing out the waste toxins out of body from anal route.
  3. Basti – Herbal medicines in the form of oil etc. are given/inserted into urinal bladder.
  4. Rakt Mokshan – Impure bloodletting through skin.
  5. Nasya – Pouring oil in the nose which cure the diseases above the neck.

Panchkarma is done in proper way including Purav Karma, Pardhan Karma and Pashchat Karma. This include some specific rules and regulations which are must before and after of main procedure.


Panchkarma involves –

Purvakarma – It involves deepen paachan, snehan and swedan. Channels are cleared and ama or toxic matter is digested and taken out with the help of aushdhis or herbs so that snehan can be followed out. Snehan includes external application with medicated herbal oils and internally intake of achapeya or pure ghee. Later swedana or steam bath is given to open the pours of skin.

Prdhankarma – Main procedure like vamana, virechana or nasya is performed under an expert. Demands specific time of period.

Pashchatkarm – As digestive power gets low after Pradhan karma that’s why person is given with very light diet that includes soup followed by proper diet. Later rasayans or rejuvenating herbs are given.


Benefits of Panchkarma –

  1. It is useful for curing digestive problems.
  1. It is also seen beneficial in relieving mental tensions, Stress and related diseases.
  1. Helps you in getting good sleep which in turn provide mental relief.
  1. It provide your body a good texture and rejuvenate the entire parts of body.
  1. Helps you in dealing with all kinds of skin problems. (Acne, pimples, blemishes, scars, red- scaly-patches, leprosy, psoriasis etc.)
  1. Vaman and Virechan specifically helps in dealing with diseases caused by kapha and Pitta like problems associated with GIT (Gastro Intestinal Track).
  1. Basti is meant to deal with disease like Piles, Fistula, and Fissure etc.
  1. Rakt Mokshan is helpful in various skin disease.
  1. Nasya specifically helps in curing disease like Sinusitis, Blindness, Oral disease, Migraine, Ear and Throat problems.
  1. Provides benefits in all male health issues and enhances sexual life as well.
  1. It enhance the immune system and provide enough stamina to the body.


Panchkarma procedure varies person to person as per their body weight, body strength and digestive fire so it is highly recommended to be done under the guidance of panchkarma specialist only.

Benefits of Panchkarma are numerous, these were few to mention. Consult your Ayurveda Doctor for more detail.



For specific treatment, always consult an Ayurveda expert!
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