The science of Ayurveda is a vast encyclopaedia of knowledge that deals with all aspects of life, including child birth and child care. Newbie parents are always confused about how to provide proper care to the baby. It is always better to go for Ayurvedic method of bathing for new born care.

There are traditional methods of giving bath to the baby which have been described in Ayurveda. Ayurveda covers every minute detail of our day- to -day life.

Most mothers find it difficult to give bath to their babies.

According to Ayurveda, the baby should be given Abhyanga (oil massage) followed by Snana (bath). This should be done on a daily basis.

Ayurvedic Baby Bath:

  1. Abhyanga (Oil Massage): Oil massage is regarded as a good way of developing a bond between mother and child.
    • Massage increases strength, nourishes the body, accelerates the healthy growth and development of the baby and improves skin texture as well.
    • Massage should be carried out for about 10-15 minutes.
    • For head application, use Virgin Coconut Oil. Apply oil in your palm and gently massage the baby without giving too much pressure.
    • Generously apply oil on head, ear pinna and toes first then apply to other body parts.
    • Don’t leave the baby alone after applying oil. Make sure to sit with them so that they will be happy rather than cranky while taking bath.

How to Abhyanga before baby bath?

Apply oil on the palm and gently massage the baby without applying too much pressure. Care must be taken to prevent the oil from contact with the eyes as it irritates the baby. For massage, first apply oil on the head, ear and toes and then to other parts of the body.


It is always auspicious to give bath to the baby at early hours in the morning.

Usually, after body massage, baby is taken for bath with lukewarm water. The oil is washed either with green gram powder or herbal soap. For bathing, lukewarm water medicated with decoction of the barks of Asvath, Udumbar and Vat are used. These herbs help to prevent infection. Fragrant herbs like sandalwood can also be used.

  • Lukewarm water can be used for baby bath. In Ayurvedic practice, water is not boiled but it is kept in sunlight and water heated up by sun’s rays is used fir giving bath to the baby but this can’t be practiced everywhere and in every season.
  • Bathing is given to the baby only after 30 minutes of oil massage.
  • After bathing, the baby’s skin should be wiped with a wet cloth.

Now a days, the use of bath powders for babies is slowly diminishing and parents usually prefer only store- bought soaps and body washes for their new borns. Sadly, they are loaded with chemicals, artificial colours and fragrances.

The homemade Ayurvedic powders are free from harsh chemicals and also smell great as these are loaded with natural ingredients such as rose petal petals, white turmeric etc.

Herbal Bath Powder for Babies:


  • Green Gram – 2 cups
  • Rose petals – 2 cups
  • Ashoka flowers (Saraca ashoka) – 1 cup

Method of Preparation: Take all the ingredients in a container and dry them. If it is summer season, dry the ingredients by keeping them in sun for 3 days. After drying, make the fine powder and sieve and keep it in an air tight container.

While giving bath to the baby, instead of using soap, you can use this powder. It makes the baby’s skin well moisturized and soft. Care must be taken to get rid of oil while bathing, otherwise the baby may catch cold.

After giving bath, it is advised to feed the baby. Make sure that the baby is not fed before giving oil massage as it might cause indigestion or vomiting. An ideal gap of 30-45 minutes is needed between massage and feeding.

After the whole process of body massage and bathing, the baby is fed and made to sleep.

Thus, the emphasis must be on giving the tender new born its best chance at growing to be a healthy individual by giving him the best care with the wisdom of Ayurveda.


This article is not a substitute to the standard Medical Diagnosis or personalized Ayurvedic Treatment! It is intended only for Information!

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