Children are such little bundle of joy. They are sweet, naughty and innocent. Every parent remembers the first time their baby smile, rolled over and began to crawl but caring them is also a daunting task. They are the future of a society.

Ayurvedic texts are loaded with the ways of nourishing the children. In Ayurveda, it is said that care of child starts since their intra-uterine life. Since the mind of foetus starts being expressed in the 5th month of pregnancy and intellect in the 6th month. Child care in Ayurveda is known as Kaumarbhritya or Bal Rog Chikitsa.

5 tips to discipline your child without tears

Misbehaviours of kids and disciplining them might be a daunting task for the parents. In today’s scenario, children can be hyperactive and restless.
The science of Ayurveda is not only for adults but it also deals with mental and physical problems of children in an effective way. The parents should set an Ayurvedic routine for children for their overall development. Ayurvedic massage, nutrition etc. play a great role in managing children.

5 tips to discipline your child without tears:

  1. Breast feeding: According to Ayurveda, love and affection for the baby, a happy state of mind with adequate rest and sleep and a good nutritious diet are essential for successful breastfeeding. Certain herbs like shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) and fenugreek help in increasing breast milk in lactating mothers.
  2. Maintain a healthy routine: If a child is over-active, there is an involvement of Vata dosha. Children can’t find balance due to the aggravation of Vata dosha. Maintain a healthy routine for the children to stay active and balanced. For the children of 2-3 years,
    Ayurvedic morning routine for children of 2-3 years:
  3. Diet for Children: The goal of Ayurvedic nutrition for children is to provide sufficient nutrition and energy to the child. The Ayurvedic cuisines not only makes a healthy and wholesome diet but they also contain various spices and ingredients that stimulate the digestive fire.
    • Desi ghee or cow ghee is extremely important for children as well as teenagers.
    • For stimulating digestive fire or agni, warm porridge prepared from ginger and cardamom should be given.
  1. Security of children: Since the children are immature both physically and mentally. Their playing objects should not be sharp enough. Attention is must every time.
  2. Hyperactive Kids: Hyperactive kids have difficulty in listening to or following the directions. They can’t sit at one place. They fail to follow the instructions or do a step-by-step routine. Hyperactivity is related to the brain. Their energy is to be channelised in a proper manner. For minimize their distractions, take them to green surroundings. Teaching them yoga or meditation is also useful. Other outdoor activities are useful for channelising their energy.
  • Some children do not like to hear lectures or long explanations. To deal with these children, single word is more effective rather than explaining them the whole thing.

Till 5 years of age, the child should be pampered, make him comfortable with love and care. By the age of 10 years, gentle punishments can be given to a child for his or her betterment whenever he or she commits a mistake. When the child crosses 16 years, he/ she should be treated as a friend. Don’t use harsh words or language with the kids. Instead of commenting on the child’s character, express your feelings. You should express strong disapproval without attacking the child’s character.

Take care and enjoy parenthood 🙂


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