Mint Health Benefits

Mint Health Benefits!!

Mint Health Benefits!!   Mint, a very popular herb, used extensively in kitchens and known very well for mouth and breath freshener. Scientifically it is called Menthe piperita and known as pudina in Hindi. Below mentioned Mint health benefits can guide you in a better way to use this natural plant in many ways for various health problems if […]

Top Health Benefits of Licorice

Top Health Benefits of Licorice!!

Top Health Benefits of Licorice!!   Licorice root is also known as sweet root which is known for its medicinal properties and health benefits in Ayurveda very well. Health benefits of licorice contribute in heart, lungs, liver and digestive health. Scientifically it is called asGlycyrrhiza glabra and known as Muhlethi in Hindi.  It is a woody stemmed herb that […]

Top Healthy Summer Foods

Top Healthy Summer Foods!!

Top Healthy Summer Foods!!   Summer is the season of heat, we feel dehydrated and we look for things to cool ourselves. Taking heavy meals will not support your digestion health and it will lead to indigestion. Hence, one must include healthy summer foods in his or her diet. You don’t need icy drinks only to get […]

Endometriosis Natural Remedies

Endometriosis Natural Remedies!!

Endometriosis Natural Remedies!!   Endometriosis is a gynecological disorder that affects girls as well as women especially who are at child bearing age. It occurs when the tissue (endometrium) that generally make up the inner surface of the uterus, grows outside the uterus. If we talk about Natural treatment, there are some amazing endometriosis natural remedies that can […]