Top uses of Lavender Oil!!

Lavender is scientifically known as Lavandula augustifolia. It is one of the most versatile essential oils available in the market. This oil has a lot of health benefits. Its wide array of uses makes it one of the most effective oils of the industry. This oil is known for its therapeutic property, relaxing impact on the body, mind and soul of the individuals and providing a balance to the life both emotionally and physically. Thus, it is advised to know about the top uses of lavender oil and carry a bottle with you always. It may sometimes act as a perfume or a first aid kit as well. Here, we shall be discussing on the major uses and applications of lavender oil. have a look. And, try to apply it in your daily lives to reap the benefits.


Top uses of Lavender Oil

1. Lavender Oil Imposes a Calming Impact to the Individuals

These days, people are extremely busy with the hectic life schedule. Also, this imposes huge stress and tension in the lives of the individuals. However, application of lavender oil in this situation helps a lot to provide a calming impact to the lives of the individuals. 2-3 drops of lavender oil are rubbed in the palms. The scent is then inhaled in the amygdala gland in the brain. This is used to relax the mind and calm the body. Simply rub the oil on the temples, feet and wrists for providing relaxing impact to the individuals.


2. Lavender Oil Helps to Fight Away the Complication of Insomnia

Insomnia or lack of sleep has yet become another complication these days. People remain so much tensed all throughout the day, they often become sleep deprived. And, this leads to several physiological and emotional complications. Follow the method of inhalation. A drop of lavender oil is rubbed on the palms and pillows. The wonderful fragrance and the calming effect help to induce sleep to the individuals.


3. It relieves insect bites and bee stings

Lavender oil has antiseptic property, which helps to provide relief from the signs and symptoms of insect bites. This includes itching, inflammation, burning sensation and some more. A drop of lavender oil is taken on the palms and applied gently on the infected area. The result is obtained right on time. This is one of the top uses of Lavender oil.


4. Lavender Oil helps to provide relief from minor burns

Lavender oil helps to reduce swelling, redness and pain, which are caused due to minor burns or accidental burns. 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil are applied to reduce the pain and burning sensation. And, the entire signs of burn, inflammation, pain and redness vanish away completely. Lavender oil has wonderful impact in this case.


5. Lavender Oil Treats Dermatitis

This is one of the top uses of lavender oil. It helps in treating several skin complications like eczema or dermatitis. Simply application of a few drops of lavender oil on the infected area helps to provide relief from all the symptoms of the problem and the problem, on the whole. This is a proven application of this essential oil in the medical science.


6. This essential Oil Provides Relief from bacterial Infections

This oil has several anti-microbial and wound healing properties, which help to stop bleeding, kill bacteria and also help in accelerating the process of wound healing. A few drops of lavender oil is dropped on the wound and necessary results are obtained.


7. Lavender Oil Treats Motion Sickness

Motion sickness or nausea is yet another common complication of the individuals these days. If you feel the same anytime, you can apply a drop of the lavender oil on the tongue, around navel and behind ears. This helps to alleviate the entire symptom completely and provide a relaxing sensation to the individuals.


8. Lavender Oil Prevents Bleeding Nose

Many individuals face the problem of bleeding nose. This complication may occur due to various reasons. However, to get relief from certain condition, it is advised to put some lavender oil in a tissue and wrap the tissue around a cube of ice. And, this is applied right on the base of the nose to the middle portion of the top lip. It is kept in this situation till the patient feels comfortable with it. The bleeding stops and the patient gets relief.


Thus, these are some of the top uses of lavender oil. Lavender oil has several other applications as well. Thus, you can make the presence of lavender oil mandatory in your household because of all its applications.



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