Top Natural Remedies for Sciatica!!

There are some Top Natural Remedies for Sciatica, which can help you to overcome pain and discomfort up to a huge extent. A very painful disorder that occurs due to compression of sciatic nerve is known as sciatica. Only one sided is affected that results due to spinal injuries or pregnancy sometimes. This results in lower back pain that radiates to leg along with numbness, weakness, burning feeling in affected area and person finds difficulty in sitting or standing for a long time.


Top Natural Remedies for Sciatica



Let’s discuss Top Natural Remedies for Sciatica which are always safe to use and can be practiced easily.



Well, whenever we talk about some pain or discomfort, turmeric is first thing comes in mind due to its wonderful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Yes, known very common spice in Indian kitchen without which food is incomplete has got medicinal values and accepted as an excellent herb by Ayurveda. You can simply add half to one tsp. of pure turmeric in a glass of warm milk to drink. Take twice daily for better results. You can have natural supplements too containing pure extracts of turmeric on daily basis for couple of days. Results can be seen with in very few days. It makes very effective sciatica natural remedy.



If you are diagnosed with sciatica, start taking garlic in the initial stages only so that you can prevent its aggravation further. Due to its excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties garlic is very beneficial in all sort of pain, tenderness and inflammation. You can take 2 or 3 pods every morning after roasting or make paste with little water using few pods. Take half tsp of it. Include it in salad and your dishes. There is another option to have it. If you are not comfortable chewing it, just boil few pods in a glass of milk, boil until half glass remains and drink later. You can also opt for some dietary supplements containing pure extract of garlic after consulting your doctor. Like turmeric, garlic is also an amazing sciatica natural remedy and both work wonders.


Cold-Hot Packs

Initially apply only cold packs for 2 to 3 days. Remember, do not apply in directly but wrap in a cloth or towel first. Do it several times in a day. Later you can go for hot packs only. You can use heating pads or towel dipped and squeezed in hot water. If you have more pain and it is taking bit longer time, try both packs alternately. This helps to relax muscles and compression of nerve. Also pain and swelling gets reduced when it is used regularly.


Massage Therapy

Massage can also be very helpful in sciatica. You can use sesame oil, mustard oil or some herbal combination in the form of oil to massage affected area. Add few garlic pods in mustard oil and heat it, use this oil for massage to get positive benefits. Massage therapy helps to improve blood circulation, release tension and relax muscles and compression of nerve. Massage should be very gentle from upwards to downwards. You can massage buttocks area, then thigh and lower to leg so that blood flows properly in channels. Massage also serves as a result giving natural remedy for sciatica.



Beside of having rest, physically active is also equally important for sciatica patients. Exercises helps to strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation. As blood flow increases it helps to get rid of chemicals causing inflammation. Go for 20 min walk daily once or twice, try swimming. You can also try some stretching exercises gently to restore flexibility of back muscles and strengthen them. Exercise and being physically active helps to stabilize the spine and prevent further aggravation.


Prevention is always better than cure and self-care is very important so try these Top Sciatica Natural Remedies if you are a victim of it!



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