Piles Home Cure!!

PILES? A painful condition where veins in anal region become varicose. Also known as hemorrhoids, these are masses, clumps or cushions of soft tissues in the anal canal. Chronic constipation contributes a lot to have piles but frequent loose stools or diarrhea is also another reason among many. Pain in rectal area, bleeding with stools, abdominal pain etc. are very common symptoms of piles. Though it’s not a serious disorder but could be very painful and with complications sometimes if care is not taken. Let’s discuss here in detail about piles home cure which is effective and easily available at the same time.

Piles Home Cure


Piles Home Cure

Triphala powder is one among best home remedies for piles. Triphala is a mixture of Amla, Harad and Baheda (Indian goose berry, Chebulic myrobalan and Belleric myrobalan). Take it in the form of either powder or decoction. 1 tsp. at bed time with luke warm water is ideal to have so that bowels get clear next day morning. Another option is to – soak dried coarse powder of these three fruits in a bowl of water overnight. Next day, once you filter, it’s good to have empty stomach. If all the ingredients are not available, use only harad. It’s an excellent laxative that keeps bowels clear and prevents constipation.

Take half gram of Camphor/Kapoor in a piece of banana, early morning empty stomach. Try this remedy daily for 1 week or so. It is helpful in both, dry or bleeding piles.

For bleeding piles, another amazing home cure is here. It’s Pomegranate Peel Decoction. Boil 2 to 3 pieces of it in 2 cups of water. Boil until 1 cup remains. Filter and drink when it’s lukewarm. Honey can be added if required.

You can also try this piles home cure for wonderful results. Take 2 to 3 grams of dried pollens of Nagkesar (Mesua ferrea) well with milk. Consume daily 1 cup for at-least a week.

Take fresh Amla juice in morning. Mix 20 ml of amla juice with 1 cup of water and consume empty stomach, morning and evening daily for couple of days.

Elephant foot yam (Jimikand) is a vegetable known to cure piles. You can peel off this and make paste with water. Take this (2 tsp.) with curd (half bowl), morning and evening for few days. Also Have this weekly 3-4 times with bread and get relief from your piles.

For bleeding piles, take some Sesame Seeds and pound to make paste. Apply this over piles mass and leave for some time. Repeat this remedy daily two times for a week.

Also one can apply Radish Juice with cotton swab on hemorrhoids to get relief. Also mix – 1 tsp cow ghee in 4 tsp of radish juice. Drink instantly to avoid nausea feeling.

Figs, yes Anjeer also work wonders in piles. The best way of taking figs is by soaking overnight. Soak 2 to 3 figs in bowl of water overnight. Next day, mash them in same water and have.

Bilwa Fruit also tends to arrest bleeding and correct your metabolism. You can take out pulp from raw fruit, roast with little ghee and jaggery. Have this delicious mixture for few days and see miracle.

Marijuana (Bhang) Leaves paste is another effective home remedy for piles. Make paste of fresh leaves with water and apply locally over piles mass. Keep for half an hour and wash with water. This is wonderful and you can see results within very few days.

Here you go with another remedy for piles. Squeeze half of Lemon Juice in a glass of Milk. Drink instantly and repeat daily for better results.

Sitz bath is another wonderful piles home cure. You can sit in a tub containing plain water for half an hour. Neem (Margosa) leaves extract can also be poured for better results. Practice this daily for two times and you can see quick results.

Along with piles home cure, take care of your diet. Avoid constipation at any cost and keep your bowel movements healthy. Stay away from all junk and packed food stuff. Eat healthy and stay healthy!!



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