Significance of Yoga for Slip Disc!!

Slipped disc is a condition, which occurs in lumbosacral spine. The complication of slip disc happens due to excessive strain on the lower part of the back region. It causes on eof the discs to rupture. The fluid inside the disc herniates. It escapes backward. This complication mainly occurs when one bends forward with straight knees and shifting the weight from floor or weeding or shovelling in the garden. It may also take place while releasing the clutch during driving. A person usually experiences this painful situation, when an individual applies excessive strain to the back with the help of the weak spinal ligaments and muscles.


Yoga for Slip Disc


Individuals, who generally follow a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to this painful disorder, when compared to seasoned labourers and manual workers. This is because, these people are not habituated with regular exercise. Thus, practicing yoga or asanas can prove to be extremely beneficial for  the treatment of the pai caused due to the slip disc condition.

Yoga for Slip Disc

The daily practice of yoga will help to restore the flexibility and strength of the ligaments and spinal muscles. With more and more knowledge of lifting heavy weight properly from floor with the bending knees, crouching position and protecting the lower back from the excessive strain, this painful complication can be treated to a significant extent. The onset of the painful condition of slipped disc is immediate and sudden as well. Something is felt at the lower region of the back, which is subsequently followed by sharp, agonizing and localized pain.

The patients become incapable to stand or sit straight or to bend forward as it may lead to severe pain. The pain worsens with time. This pain is constant. The tissues and ligaments engorge with fluids and blood. Also, the spinal muscles give rise to spasm. this prevents the painful movement. The fibres become irritated and swelling occurs. The area becomes tender and hot as well.

Importance of Yoga to treat Slip Disc Condition

Yoga has a lot of significance on the health of the individuals. These help in providing relief from various painful complications.

  • Yogas help in strengthening posterior muscles and ligaments to hold the damaged disc.
  • Yoga promotes circulation of the Pranic energy in the body.
  • It helps in restoring the functioning and stability of the spines and other activities as well

To get relief from the painful situation, there are several types of yoga for slip disc.

Types of Yoga for Slip Disc

The various types of yoga to treat the slip disc condition are discussed below:


This is one of the best types of yogas for the treatment of the slip disc complication. Lie in the prone position with hands by side and feet together, forehead touching floor and palms facing the upward position. The legs are spread apart and toes are turned sideways and the hands are stretched forward. The right hand is placed under left armpit and the left hand on right shoulder. This ensures that one elbow is kept under the other. It is advised to relax in this posture and breathe normally.


Take up the prone position with legs together, toes pointing outward, forehead on floor and hands by side. The arms are stretched forward slowly, the elbows bent and head is raised upward. The chin is placed on the palms, fingers on the cheeks and elbows taken together. This situation is held up for some duration with normal breathing. Then get back to the original posture.


First you have to lie on stomach with both the arms stretched above head and palms facing downward and forehead on the floor. The whole body must be kept in relaxing mode while having an awareness of the breath. If you face any difficulty while breathing, place a pillow under the chest and carry out this yoga.

There are several other yogasanas recommended for the individuals facing this painful complication. These are Jyestikasana and Matsyakridasana. It is highly recommended not to carry out any forward bending asanas at all.

These yogas for slip disc play a significant role in eliminating the inflammation, redness and pain due to this condition. Also, these asanas help in providing relief from the entire complication to a huge extent.



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