It would be surprising to know that your house plays a vital role in deciding whether you stay healthy or not.

What is the link between Vastu and Health?

According to the ancient texts of Vastu, Vastu and Health are closely inter-connected. It has been mentioned that every corner of the house governs one particular organ of the body.  The house is not merely a structure of brick and concrete but it is a living entity vibrating with energy.

If there is an imbalance in any corner of the house, there will be corresponding problem in that particular body organ related to it so there is a strong connection between Vastu and Health.

Vastu and Ayurveda

As per Vastu, various directions are governed by the five elements in the house and according to Ayurveda, these elements also govern the functioning of various organs in the body. Diseases are caused due to the imbalance of the elements in the body. In the same way, when there is imbalance of these elements in the house, it causes Vastu doshas in the house.

Role of Vastu and how an incorrect Vastu results in the malfunctioning of the major organs in the body:

Vastu and Ayurveda
  1. Heart and Small Intestine
    • Heart is considered as the vital organ of the human body. According to Ayurveda, heart is closely related to the fire element. It has a connection with small intestine.
    • Fire element is responsible for digestion and absorption of food. So, if the digestion is good, the heart functions smoothly.
    • In simple analogy, the fire element must be in the balanced state for the heart energy to be balanced.
    • According to Vastu, if a person is facing health problems due to heart like blood circulation issues or low energy, then any imbalance in the South East to South Zones of the house must be carefully analyzed.
    • A kitchen built in this zone is best to keep the fire burning brightly and to safeguard health.
    • On the other hand, any underground source of water such as water storage or bore well can affect the functioning of the heart.
    • The emotion associated with heart health is Joy. The cardiovascular health is not only about physical fitness but happiness, joy and love are often associated with the heart. Therefore, stress and lack of self-expression can impact heart health.
    • As per Vastu, if there is absence of joy and happiness in the house, it indicates an imbalance between the South East to South Vastu Zones.
  2. Lungs and Large Intestine
    • Lungs play an important role in maintaining healthy defense against pathogens and circulate fluids and prana (vital force) throughout the body.
    • The lungs as well as large intestine are responsible for “let go” of whatever not requiring such as bitter life experiences, emotions and metabolic by-products.
    • According to Ayurveda, lungs correspond to the space element. Due to the dominance of space element, the prana circulates and nourishes the whole body.
    • As per Vastu, the direction of space element is West to North-West directions. The presence of septic tank, sewerage pipeline or toilet, dustbin can cause health issues related to the lungs.
    • The presence of junk and storage in the house can also cause grief and sad emotions. So, it is important to throw away old clothes, mattresses, electronic items etc. The freer space in the house is, the freer energy will circulate.
    • The emotions that are associated with the lungs are sadness and grief.
    • If you are facing lung related problems or under immense stress, you must look for Vastu imbalances between West and North-West directions.
  3. Liver and Gall Bladder
    • Liver is known as the Master Gland of the body. It controls the smooth flow of blood in the vessels. The tendons are the tissues associated with the liver. Liver is the organ that is most affected by stress and emotions.
    • According to Ayurveda, the liver and gall bladder are related to the Air element.
    • As per Vastu Shastra, the area from East to South East in the house is the direction of air element. This area also governs how the liver and gall bladder function.
    • The presence of septic tank or toilet in the East to South – East direction can impact the functioning of liver and gall bladder.
    • The anger is the emotion associated with the liver. If any of the members in the house are constantly angry then you must look for Vastu doshas in the East to South East directions.
    • If small things stress you easily and you don’t have the quality of let go, it means that the liver is telling you that its functioning is becoming out of balance.
    • It indicates that there are Vastu imbalances between the East and South East directions.
  4. Kidneys and Bladder
    • The kidneys are considered as the powerhouse of the body. When any organ is low on energy, the kidneys send it an extra energy boost. They also balance the electrolyte levels in the body, control blood pressure, stimulate the production of red blood cells etc.
    • If the energy of kidney is low, one might suffer from osteoporosis, dental issues etc.
    • According to Ayurveda, the kidneys correspond to water element and according to Vastu, North to North East directions rule over the kidneys.
    • The presence of septic tank, toilet or kitchen in this direction can lead to kidney dysfunction or damage.
    • The emotion associated with the kidneys is fear.
    • If a person is facing severe panic attacks, fear, anxiety, this is the body’s way of saying that the energy of kidney is imbalanced or running low.
  5. Stomach and Spleen
    • The stomach and spleen play a vital role in storing platelets and red blood cells.
    • As per Ayurveda, the stomach and spleen represent Earth element.
    • The stomach is most affected by over thinking, anxiety or chronic worry. It is not only responsible for digesting food but also for digesting emotions or thoughts.
    • According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of Earth Element is South West direction. The energies of this direction are responsible for the extraction of nutrients from and disposing waste from the body.
    • So, keep South West clear of any Vastu doshas like placing an entrance or a  toilet.

Thus , Vastu has an out sized   impact on the health and well being of the person. The knowledge of Vastu will help to avoid any serious health problem.


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