There is a reason we are so fond of raw mangoes. Hailed as the king of fruits, mangoes are rich in essential nutrients. Known as kacchi kairi in Hindi, raw mangoes or unripe mangoes can help us in many ways. This can be considered as a wonderful natural remedy for summer. Let’s get to know more in detail-

Top Health Benefits of raw or unripe mangoes

Though raw mangoes have many health benefits but must be avoided by people who have heavy menstrual bleeding, nasal bleeding or other bleeding disorders. This is due to Pittakarak property ( vitiates blood and increases body heat) what Ayurveda says.

1) Raw mangoes protect from intense heat and dehydration, by stopping excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron from the body. Also protect from the negative effects of very high temperature. But as said, these must be avoided by people who already have heavy bleeding from external body openings.

2) Raw mangoes boost the metabolism therefore help you to burn more calories. As these mangoes are not ripe and much sweet, can be taken by diabetes people too.

3) These are good for liver detoxification too. Raw mangoes clean the liver and promote the secretion of bile acid.

4) A very good source of vitamin C. Yes along with C, these are packed with vitamin A, Calcium and Magnesium which are required by body for its nourishment.

5) These are great source of boosting heart health as well. These are high in niacin which is responsible for the regulation of good cholesterol levels. Niacin also improves blood circulation and makes it toxins free. Also makes sure that your heart beats normally and stay healthy.

6) Raw mangoes aid Skin and Hair health because of rich vitamin A content. Again vitamin C enables collagen synthesis that’s responsible for healthy ageing.

Raw Mango Recipes commonly prepared in India (Himachal Pradesh) are-

Raw Mango Curry (Ambua)
Raw Mango Chutney

“Raw Mango Curry or Ambua”

It is a mouthwatering sweet and sour dish from Himachal Pradesh. It pairs well with hot steamed rice or Chapati. It adds a perfect punch to a simple meal.

+Use mangoes which are unripe but not much hard.
+Peel them and keep aside.
+Now take a pan and put 2 teaspoon ghee or any vegetable oil.
+Add cumin seeds, coriander seeds and mustard seeds, saute them for a minute.

  • Add ginger and garlic paste as required.
    +Add turmeric powder and mix everything for 1 more minute or so.
    +Add peeled mangoes in it and again saute for 2-3 minutes.
    +Now it’s the time to add curd which is fresh and not much sour.
    +Bring this mixture to a boil with moving spoon.
    +Add salt as per the taste.
    +And this tangy Ambua is ready to eat.
    +While having it with rice or chapati, take out mango pulp along with curry which will definitely boost your taste.

“Raw Mango Chutney”

Raw mango chutney goes well with meal or evening snacks.

+Peel the mangoes and make small pieces.
+Put them in a grinder.
+Add cumin seeds, coriander seeds and salt as required.
+Add little water and make a fine paste.
+Chutney is ready.
+Adding sugar is optional, if somebody wants it khatti meethi.

Like this we have many other amazing recipes of raw mangoes such as –
-Raw mango rice
-Dal with raw mango
-Aam panna
-Ram mango salad

Well, nature has fortified raw mangoes with a number of nutrients that make them an effective natural remedy for summer. Above mentioned health benefits are definitely encouraging. What you say??


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