Top Herbs for Slip Disc!!  

We are going to discuss some top herbs for slip disc this time! Have you ever noticed anyone of your family complaining of pain, inflammation or tingling and numbness in neck, shoulder, arm, hand or lower back? Do not ignore this complaint because it can be a serious matter. Yes, a member can be a patient of slip disc. All these complaints are the common symptoms of slip disc. If we talk about its major complications, then sciatica is the major one. Sciatica is a condition that occurs due to pressure of slip disc on the sciatic nerve which in turn leads to pain in hips, legs, buttocks and even genitals.


Top Herbs for Slip Disc


Well, we are here to give you the effective way of handling this troubling problem. With the help of some natural herbs, the condition can be well controlled. Let’s have a look –


Top Herbs for Slip Disc


Boswellia serrate-

If you are looking to control the inflammation and the pain that occurs during slip disc, Boswellia serrate can be a great option. Yes, shallaki (Boswellia serrate) is an herb that acts as a natural pain killer. The herb contains the compounds such as triterpenes, Diterpene and tetracyclic triterpenic that are good at controlling inflammation. So Patients living with slip disc pain and inflammation can get relief using this herb. Being a natural way to deal with the slip disc symptoms, the herb is an excellent option for the same.


Curcuma longa-

Another great herb for slip disc is Curcuma longa. A compound curcumin present in this herb is actually responsible for its medicinal properties. Being packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, the herb is an excellent one to give relief from inflammation and helps in the eradication of fluid that leaks out of the slip disc. The herb is in fact, wonderful one to control all the associated symptoms of slip disc.


Withania somnifera-

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is very well known for providing strength to the muscles. Dislocation of inter-vertebral disc is the main cause of this disc problem. So the relocation of disc to original position is important. For this, Ashwagandha is here. Yes, Ashwagandha herb helps to alleviate stiffness, inflammation as well as pain from the muscles and joints of the body.


Commiphora mukul-

Commiphora mukul is also the one that counts among top herbs for slip disc. Actually, this is an herbal extract or you can say it is a resin that is commonly known as Guggul. Along with the pain relieving properties, the extract is useful in reversing changes that occurs in muscles and joints during slip disc. Another added advantage of this herbal extract is- it also possess strong anti-inflammatory properties. As these two are the major symptoms of slip disc, the resin can be the other great option to tackle with this problem.


Trigonella foenum-graecum-

So if you hate eating methi, after knowing its benefits, you will start eating this herb or called spice in India very commonly. Trigonella foenum- graecum (Methi) is an herb that is much effective in controlling the pain, stiffness and inflammation in the affected disc.  It supports the movement of affected joints and helps the joint to come back to its normal position. And what more a patient with slip disc symptoms wants? All are packed in this amazing herb.


Along with these Top Herbs for Slip Disc, a well-controlled diet also plays an important role in handling the condition. Healthy lifestyle can also contribute a lot in managing the same. Proper rest, Regular exercise or some yoga poses such as cobra pose or cat pose can help a lot in dealing with the pain associated with this disc problem.



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