Top Herbs for Healthy Heart!!


Heart, one of the most important organ of our body, consists of muscles that pump blood throughout our whole body. A healthy heart beats 72 times per minute and performs several important functions. The maintenance of this organ is necessary to keep the functioning of the body normal. Here we are discussing benefits of some top herbs for healthy heart as they are very safe to pick. Improper functioning of the heart is responsible for several heart disorders. Even, there are some other diseases also, that pose the heart at risk.


Herbs for healthy heart



Herbs for Healthy Heart-

Herbs are in fact, the safest way to keep the body healthy. Being, the nature‘s wonderful gift to us, herbs offer a natural way to promote normal body functions.



One of the most important herbs for heart is Arjuna (Terminelia arjuna). The herb is rich in medically active constituents. The bark of this herb contains natural anti-oxidants, saponins, gallic acid, proanthocyanidins and phytosterols. The herb is rich in essential minerals also such as zinc, copper, magnesium and calcium. Enzyme COQ10 and arjunoids present in this herb are responsible for its protective effect on heart. It provides strength to heart muscles and maintains normal blood circulation, cholesterol level and blood pressure.



Another best heart herb is Mandookparni, also commonly known as Gotukola (Indian pennywort or Centella). The herb supports the whole circulatory system and improves blood circulation. It helps to maintain good cardiovascular health. It also carries cholesterol from the blood and thereby, reduces the blood pressure as well as lowers the risk of any heart disorder. It strengthens the heart and slows down the heart rate. The herb has been used effectively for heart diseases for thousands of years.



Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), is an Indian herb, known for several health benefits including heart problems. Also known as India ginseng, this herb is a great heart friendly herb that offers a wonderful natural heart care remedy. This herb is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and rejuvenating properties. Ashwagandha is very effective in managing stress, hypertension and anxiety and all these are contributing factors to heart disease. The herb promotes overall physical and mental health too.



The herb Peepal (Ficus religiosa) is highly effective in heart diseases. The leaves of this herb help to control the palpitation of the heart and is helpful in reducing the heart rate as well. The herb is the great one to combat the cardiac weakness and provides strength to the heart muscles. The herbs also lowers down the blood pressure and blood glucose level too and hence minimizing the risk of any heart problem. Hence, an added advantage of this herb. The herb is a great immunomodultaor also and thereby supports healthy immune system too.



Garlic (Allium sativum), is regarded as the most respected medicinal herb as well spice. It has numerous health benefits and is a great herb for healthy heart also. We are well aware about the fact that increased cholesterol and triglyceride level are the indicators of heart problems. Garlic serve as a great option to minimize the risk of any heart disease and keeps the heart healthy. Garlic can even be used as a spice while cooking food. At least 4-5 cloves of garlic should be used.


When comes to heart health, the above mentioned Herbs for Healthy Heart are the great ones to support overall cardiovascular health. These herbs are not only meant to suppress the symptoms of heart problems but they also minimize the risk factors and complications of heart disorders as well. A particular herb is known to have numerous side benefits too. The ones that are discussed above are the topmost for heart especially.



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