Top Berries Health Benefits!!

Extremely good health wise, berries are small pulpy, juicy, delicious colorful edible fruits. They are eaten and used in preparation of jams, pies and some preservatives worldwide. Let’s discuss top berries health benefits which have got long list!!

Top Berries Health Benefits



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Bilberry is a blue fruit that resembles and tastes like a blueberry. Bilberry is a great food and known very well for its health benefits too. They are also known as European wild blueberry and whortleberry. They grow in small shrubs, mainly at the northern parts of the northern hemisphere (called taiga zone and subarctic zone). Bilberries contain an active compound called anthocyanosides that has got excellent antioxidant properties. This helps to reduce the damage to body cells from toxins or free radicals develop from oxidative stress. Research teams have found that bilberries have health benefits against neurological disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, low concentration, stress, and metal fatigue), vision problems (glaucoma, dry eye, night blindness, and retinal damage), cancer, diabetes (with diabetic neuropathy), fibrocystic diseases, bacterial infections etc. Anthocyanins present in bilberry helps to reduce blood flow pressure in capillaries and improve blood circulation. This again helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders. Over all bilberries are amazing for entire health. If fresh fruits are not available, dried can be used as it is or in tea.





Blackberry, a delicious and wonderful fruit has number of health benefits including heart care, digestive care and other various illness related to low immune system. They are good source of fiber, folate, and vitamin B, C along with other essential nutrients like copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. Additionally they are packed with antioxidant properties and can keep bones strong, boost memory power, improve vision, and help in weight management. They are very low in calories, 100 grams provide just 40 to 45 calories. They are absorbed in to the blood at slower rate than glucose inside the gut hence help in steadying blood sugar levels in body. Even its intake during pregnancy protect baby from birth defects. Blackberry has honoured as the official fruit of the state of Alabama and found abundantly in North America and Pacific Coast.



Health benefit of strawberries


Like other fruits, strawberries too have many essential nutrients. Strawberries are juicy, mouthwatering summery super foods. They are cultivated worldwide. Strawberries are ranked in top fruits highest in antioxidant properties. Health benefit of strawberries may surprise you. They can improve eye sight and vision problems like cataract and glaucoma. Having good amount of vitamin C they strengthen the eye retina, fight against low immunity health issues and promote skin and health care. They are good to improve blood circulation via eliminating free radicals from body and prevent from cardiovascular diseases. Phytochemicals present in strawberries reduce inflammation of joints and relieve in arthritis and other associated joint problems.



cranberries health benefits


Cranberries, another amazing berries are composed of more than 85 percent of water along with fiber and essential nutrients. When fresh, they are very sour and astringent so most often they are preferred dried and frozen. They are good source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune modulator properties which improve overall health. They are advised to have in recurrent urinary tract infection. They help to take out toxins and maintain healthy excretory system. High level of PACS (Proanthocyanidins) of cranberries eradicate bacteria responsible for frequent urinary infection. Also same bacteria can prevent from dental carries and gum problems. Their phytophenols help in promoting heart health and keep blood pressure and cholesterol in good control. Researches have proved that these berries act against all types of cancer such as bladder, prostate, colon and breast. Still cranberries health benefits are numerous. Have them and keep yourself protected.



Top Berries Health Benefits


Raspberries are wonderful bright red, juicy with health promoting minerals and vitamins which are essential for optimum health. This is a small shrub that grows under well temperate climates. It grows widely in US, Germany, and Poland. Raspberries have great combination of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Researches have proved that they are capable to deal with health ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders and many more. Their flavonoid, anthocyanin is useful in suppressing inflammation and polyphenol content keeps blood pressure under control. Potassium level of raspberries is beneficial in maintaining overall health. Amazing oxidants inhibit the growth of harmful cells of tumour and perticulraly zeaxanthin prevent damage of macular degeneration.


After knowing these amazing Top Berries Health Benefits, we are sure you are going to love them. Have them to stay healthy!



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