Top 5 signs of early ageing!!

Staying young forever is the dream of almost every person in this world. No doubt, Ageing is a natural process and every one of us have to face this stage. Yes, we should face and enjoy every phase of life. But what if, you look older than your age? What if you are experiencing premature ageing? Well, it is a serious matter. So before it is too late, it is better you handle ageing process. But how can we judge that we are suffering from the same. For this we are going to discuss top 5 signs of early ageing in this article.


signs of early ageing


Top 5 signs of early ageing



One of the most common sign of early ageing is wrinkled skin. Well, couple of beauty products are there to cover the wrinkles, but how much we can solve the problem. The natural solution lies to this problem in healthy diet. So there is need to feed the body with the beauty foods instead of beauty products. Pears, apple, papaya, banana, cabbage, leafy vegetables and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon are some of the foods that counts among the beauty foods, especially for the skin. So, try to include such foods in your diet.


Red Puffy Eyes-

Remember, seasonal allergies are also responsible for the red eyes. Even, lack of sleep can cause red puffy eyes. Or if you are looking at computer screen for a long time, the problem can exist. But if you are experiencing red eyes apart from these, then sorry to say, it is also a sign of the same. It is serious indication of chronic inflammation that comes with increasing age. Start taking alkaline rich diet that contains anti-oxidants because it will help to control the inflammation and what more is needed?


Changes in Skin Texture-

With age, changes in the skin texture can be seen. But in some, changes in skin tone appears before the advancing age. Yes, being another sign of the same, it also indicates the problems inside the body. If you are experiencing overly dry and flaky skin suddenly, then it is really a time to go for thyroid and adrenals checkup. Because, weak thyroid and adrenal gland functioning indirectly interferes with the waste elimination process. The ageing process of the body depends on how clean and toxic our body is. So proper functioning of thyroid and adrenals is must.


Dull, Rough and Brittle Hair-

To look our best, hair also play an important role. To reflect our beauty, hair should be shining, smooth and silky. But changes in hormones cause hair to look dull, rough and brittle before we reach our 40’s. Yes, premature ageing can also be predicted with this sign of early ageing. Stress, long term medications and usage of harsh hair products can result in the same. So better, avoid usage of all these for long time. Natural ways are always better to opt for.


Fat Deposition around Eyes-

Well, our eyes are the indicators of our overall health. These are helpful in giving an indication of premature ageing as well. If you are noticing fat deposition around your eyes or drooping eyelids even when you are young, then it is easy to detect your premature ageing. Droopy eyelids are the indicators of fatigue, improper thyroid functioning and fluid retention. Most of the time, these are associated with the stress.


If you are also noticing the same Signs of Early Ageing, do not ignore. Instead, start controlling the symptoms to remain young for some more time. After all, who does not want to remain young and energized?




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