Top 5 Health Benefits Of Lemon!!


Lemon is an important fruit of citrus group. Scientifically it known as Citrus limon and known as Bara Nimbu or Pahari Nimbu in Hindi. Lemon is packed with various medicinal properties.

Health Benefits of lemon

Lemon is yellowish green in color, oval in shape with rough and thick skin. Sometimes it can be mistaken with lime which is another species. Lemon is juice with number of small seeds.

Food value –

Lemon is packed with citric acid and vitamin C which make it a wonderful fruit to use widely as a medicine. It is known for its sour juice and used in eating stuffs also to improve taste and flavor. Lemon juice can be stored for a longer duration with some precautions. It has 39mg of vitamin C, 70 mg of calcium content in 100 gm. edible portion.

Here are top 5 health benefits of lemon 

Digestive problems

Do you know, ripe lemon is a great appetizer? Yes it is. It stimulates the flow of saliva and gastric juice so we can say lemon juice (ripened) is a great appetizer agent. It also clears the channels and throws toxins out from the body.

It destroys intestinal worms and deals with abdominal cramps, bloating gas, constipation etc. This work effectively in heart burn, consume 1 lemon juice mixed with a glass of plain water.

Throat disorders

People think that lemon can even worst throat disorders like sore throat or irritation but not true! Lemon juice works wonder in throat problems like chocking and itching sensation.

A ripe unpeeled lemon should be roasted slowly till it starts cracking. Give 1 tsp of its juice with little honey 3 to 4 times daily. Lemon tea also can be proffered in such cases.


Lemon work amazingly effective in obesity. To lose extra pounds you can try a simple home remedy at home that is quite easy and effective. Lemon detoxifies whole system and helps you to throw toxins out.

Mix half of lemon juice with 1 tsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water to drink daily empty stomach. Use this on daily basis.

Circulatory disorders

Lemon juice can control hemorrhage and other related problems. It helps to prevent capillaries fragility therefore helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. Lemon juice strengthens the entire circulatory system and cardiovascular disorders.

In this case lemon peel also acts equally. It can be cut in to small pieces to sprinkle over the salad or use in soups. You can also soak peel of 1 lemon in a glass of Luke warm water overnight to drink early morning empty stomach for healthy heart and circulatory system.

Beauty aid

Lemon is considered as a wonderful ingredient to enhance beauty. It helps to maintain youth. You must have heard people saying that we don’t use anything in winters except the mixture of lemon juice and glycerin. This is so sufficient that there is no need of any cream or other expensive beauty products. Yes of course lemon juice is really effective and result giving.

You can simply squeeze the lemon juice in a bowl and use with cotton swab to clear the dark patches or blemishes. Or directly rub the small piece of it on skin. Rough and tanned elbows can also be taken care with this, use 3 to 4 times in a week. Sometimes it makes skin dry then better use glycerin with it.



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