Bottle Gourd Juice Health Benefits

Bottle Gourd Juice Health Benefits!!

Bottle Gourd Juice Health Benefits!! The bottle gourd is a common vegetable and quite easily available in India. It is having a wonderful taste with variety of health benefits. The bottle gourd is yellowish-green in colour and usually in the shape of a bottle. It is cultivated in the humid weather of Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, […]

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Kidney Health – Ayurvedic Approach

Kidney Health – Ayurvedic Approach!!

Kidney Health – Ayurvedic Approach!!   Kidneys are very important organs in our body which have got various important tasks to perform. This article gives some idea about ayurvedic approach towards kidney health which can be useful for readers.     Kidneys are two bean shaped organs in our body which help to remove waste […]

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