Surprising Facts of Male Infertility!!

Well, to expand a family, a person should be fertile enough. Infertility destroys the dream of having a family. Society still thinks, that the actual cause of couple infertility is female. To clear this assumption, we are going to discuss some surprising facts of male infertility. Men are equally affected by infertility as women. Around one third of infertility cases are due to male factors.


Surprising Facts of Male Infertility

Common Causes of Male Infertility 

First of all, we will discuss the common causes. Mostly, the problem results due to low sperm count or when sperms are totally absent. The condition of low sperm count is termed as oligospermia and it occurs when male fails to produce sperm more than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. While the term azoospermia is given to a condition when sperm are completely absent.

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation are other common causes of the same. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem in which man face difficulty in keeping or getting firm erection during intercourse. Being caused by physical or emotional issue, man may feel embarrassed. Premature ejaculation, as the name suggests, occurs when male ejaculates before vaginal penetration. It is actually not a cause of infertility but responsible for causing problems in couples trying to conceive.

Not only these, here is another problem as well and that is retrograde ejaculation. It is a little different problem that occurs when semen instead of coming out through urethra, enters bladder and causes difficulty in ejaculation.

The shape of the sperm also matter while fertilizing egg. Improper shape makes the sperm difficult to swim. Sometimes, there is problem with the structure of reproductive parts like undescended testes. If there exist problem with semen, then also this problem can result.



Role of Lifestyle

Next comes, lifestyle. Yes, our lifestyle has a great role to play in this matter. Well, a healthy lifestyle is almost known to everyone that it is must to enjoy a life in a healthy way. Same is the case here. Smoking damages the sperm cells while regular taking of alcohol is known to decrease sperm production. No doubt, age factor is another fact of male infertility, but sometimes, premature ageing can become the reason for the same. If you are overweight, then sorry to say, start losing your weight because, obesity is another hamper for fertility.



Nowadays, everyone is living a busy life. Everyone has to earn and earn and wants an independent life. For this reason, stress is also becoming a great cause for most of the diseases. Yes, for male infertility as well, stress is considered an important factor. Stress for longer time decreases the quality and production of sperm. In male already having infertility problem, stress makes the condition worse. So, stress management is needed to deal with this problem.


Healthy Diet

Last but not the least, unhealthy diet is also a surprising fact of male infertility. Well balanced diet is required to stay healthy sexually also. Vitamin C, folate, selenium and zinc is needed to increase the sperm production and their quality. Male having diet low in these vitamins and elements are likely to have the problem of infertility. So male with this problem should include foods in his diet which contains a healthy content of all the mentioned elements.


So, it is not always right to find fault in women, as conceiving problem a couple suffering, may be due to male infertility. After reading these Surprising Facts of Male Infertility, we are sure, you are well aware of things. There is solution for everything so once you are diagnosed with particular problem, learn how to deal with that.



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