Color Therapy – Surya Chikitsa!!

Color therapy is used as an alternative to treat several health disorders. Colors are basically forms of visible light with varying wavelengths. As a result, each color has its own energy and wavelength.

Significance of colors in sunlight

Ayurveda has named it as Surya Chikitsa, means natural treatment with sunlight.

Life cannot be imagined without the existence of the sun! All the colors seen in a rainbow have got healing properties. Unique and useful each of them is meant to treat many health problems. Well…

This color therapy is also known as Chromotherapy.

Tools used here are glasses, candles, gemstones, lenses colored fabrics etc.

Some easy do-it-yourself home color therapies are-

Water therapy-

Buy some colored glass bottles with lid on top. Fill the specific colored bottle upto 3/4 level and keep under the sunlight for at least 8 hours. Sip this water throughout the day. For better results, keep the bottle in sunlight for 12-15 hours at least.

Colored fabrics therapy-

Wear cloths of the color of your choice and as per the health condition and sit under the sun for 1-2 hours.

Oil massage therapy-

Fill a colored glass bottle with the oil of your Choi and charge it in the sunlight for 45 days. Each oil has a different characteristic color associated with it. For example, coconut oil should be charged in blue bottle and linseed oil in a red bottle .

Let us discuss about the seven colors and their benefits-

There are seven colors in sunlight namely, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Let’s see how these colors  are helpful to us, what are their benefits and contraindications?


This is equipped with the most intense electro chemical power and is acidifying. It is very much stimulating to the nervous system. Violet color is very much helpful in disorders like spleen, kidney, and bladder. It is also helpful in heaviness after eating.


It has a wide range of therapeutic applications as astringent and anesthetic. This color stimulates thyroid gland functions and considerable beneficial in health conditions like obesity, sinusitis, eye diseases, lung disorders etc.


This is generally beneficial in viral diseases. Also used in fever, vomiting, hot flashes, throat problems etc. Excessive use can cause, and depression so need to take care.


A neutral color is green that helps to maintain body’s normal blood pressure. The physiological effects of green color give good mood, peaceful mind, and relaxation. Therapeutic indications are cancer, hypertension, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases etc.


Yellow color helps to stimulate the entire nervous system. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and increases the digestive capacity. Yellow gives self-control and helps in acquiring knowledge.


Orange color is helpful in lungs disease like asthma and allergies. It also accelerates the heart functions and promotes gastric secretions. Orange color charged water should be used in limited quantity due to its warm effects.


It is indicated to strengthen the muscle tone. Due to its warm effects, red color may increase blood pressure and bleeding so should use very carefully. Internal use is not recommended. Striking sensation of heat due to high intensity radiant energy of electromagnetic wavelength that corresponds is responsible for this.

Therefore, it can be said that Surya Chikitsa or Sun treatment helps to restore vitality of body and eliminate the sickness.


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