Side Effects of Birth Control Pills!!


The birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptive pills, stop the ovulation process and in turn, no egg will be released. As no egg is there to get fertilized by sperm, pregnancy cannot be achieved. This is the major beneficial effect of such pills. The pills are much effective method to prevent unwanted pregnancy as you all know but are there side effects of birth control pills?? Yes, they can cause some side effects also when taken for a long time. These pills changes the hormonal balance in the body (mostly estrogen and progesterone). Birth control pills contain two types of man-made estrogen and progesterone female hormones. These hormones are similar to those made by the ovaries in the body. We are going to discuss some side effects of such pills so that you can be well aware of them before taking.


side effects of birth control pills


Side Effects of Birth Control Pills


Weight Gain

One of the major birth control pills side effects is weight gain. It leads to the fluid retention in some parts of the body especially hips, breast and thighs. Due to this, woman may feel as if she has gain some weight. The pills may lead to increased appetite also. The effect is usually temporary, but if you are taking the pills frequently, then you may get serious weight related issues. Always prefer the pills that contain low amount of hormones to minimize the risk of weight gain.


Yeast Infections

Woman taking birth control pills is at high risk of yeast overgrowth. As the pills are meant to enhance the estrogen levels, they also increase the vaginal glycogen levels. In turn, they set the ground for the growth of yeast and leads to yeast infection. Therefore it is very much important to keep in mind that one must limit the usage of these pills to combat the birth control pills side effects in future.


Breast Cancer

If you are using pills for a longer time, then you may be at risk of developing breast cancer. Long time usage of such pills allow the breast tissue to be exposed to high levels of hormones. Still, researches are going on and not very much is clear about this fact but better stay on the safe side and avoid frequent usage of these pills. If you have family history of breast cancer, take extra care. Some studies have shown the risk of developing cervical and liver cancer too.


Blood Pressure

These pills are shown to have significant effect on blood pressure also. They slowly hinder the blood flow in vessels and increase pressure. The pills containing high dosage of estrogen is thought to be the cause of rise in the blood pressure. If you are already a patient of blood pressure, then you must be extra cautious of these pills. Blood pressure itself is another serious problem that may lead to several other health problems. Get check your blood pressure regularly especially if you are using these pills frequently.


Mood Swing

Another significant side effect of birth control pills is mood swings. Yes, the pills are responsible for mood changes and other mental health disorders. Dizziness, headache and nausea are some other side effects of the same. Long term usage of these pills may lead to depression also. Limited usage of such pills will not affect much. So, it is better, you take such pills in limited amount.


The pills are the good enough to control the unwanted pregnancies, but the long term and frequent usage of these pills affect the body in some or the other way. We have already discussed above the major side effects of birth control pills. Hope this information will be helpful for women who are not aware of consequences of these pills. 



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