Reasons for hip pain in women!!

You must have heard many ladies saying that they experience lower back pain or it’s just like hip pain either one side or both side. Yes, there are number of reasons for hip pain in women. Let’s know what the structure of hip bone is. Hip is a ball and socket synovial joint that attaches the leg to the trunk of the body. Hip joint is the articulation of the pelvis of femur (leg bone) which connects the axial skeleton with the lower extremity. The adult hip bone is formed by the fusion of ilium, the ischium and the pubis that takes place by the end of teenage years. 2 hip bones from the bony pelvis along with sacrum and coccyx are united anteriorly by pubic symphysis.

Reasons for hip pain in women


Following are reasons for hip pain in women –


Hip fracture – Well, hip fractures are very common among women in old age. It’s all due to decreased bone density called osteoporosis. Symptoms get worst when you stand on your feel for a very long time, life something very heavy.


Tendinitis – Over use of tendons can lead to their inflammation called tendinitis. There are many tendons around the hip which help to connect the muscles to joints. It’s very common seen among people who run very fast and do house hold activities very fast or can say in haste. Hip pain is also very commonly seen among runners. This is another very common reason for him pain in women.


Arthritis –Very common reason for hip pain in women is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a very common joint disorders that affects middle age to old age people. It usually referred as a wear and tear of joints. Here is breakdown of cartilages, bony changes and deterioration of tendons and ligaments along with inflammation of joints. Hip joint inflammation may cause very severe hip pain which is something very disturbing.


Hernia – Femoral hernia is very close to the hip bone which may also cause hip pain. A bulge can be seen near your groin area, near upper thigh. It may get worst while standing for a very long time or lifting very heavy objects. When some tissues push through the wall of femoral canal, name is given femoral hernia. Sometimes there are no symptoms at all but sometimes it’s very painful with pain near groin or lower abdominal region associated with nausea and vomiting.


Gynecological disorders – You never know, some of gynecological health issues like endometriosis can also be the reason for your hip pain. When lining of uterus grows outside of it anywhere, can lead to back pain or pain around pelvic area. You may feel pain radiating to thighs from lower abdomen or lower pack including hips.


If hip pain is wearable you can manage very well at home with changes in your diet and life style but if it’s severe you need to consult your physician. Side by side with ongoing treatment you can try some home remedies which are effective, safe and never give any side effects when done in right way. Very common house hold spices – turmeric and fenugreek can bring amazing results with hip pain. You can simply soak 1 tsp. fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink first thing in the morning for better results. Do this daily on regular basis for couple of days.

Along you can have organic turmeric powder mixed in the quantity of half to 1 tsp. in a glass of water daily once or twice. Mixing and taking with honey is another good option.
You can also make use of some herbal oils for gentle massage.
Eat a healthy diet. Avoid all sort of junk and packed foods. Replace your white rice, bread and sugar with brown one. Also take care of things you lift. Prefer some light exercises along.
Hope you find this article – Tops reasons for hip pain in women helpful!



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