Onion Health Benefits!!


Allium cepa with scientifically name, onion is called as Payaz in Hindi. A quick glimpse on Onion Health Benefits is listed below…

This is one of the oldest cultivated vegetable known very well for its medicinal properties. Onion’s all parts produce a strong odor when crushed which is due to organic Sulphur Compounds. When compared with other vegetables, onion is moderate in protein and rich in calcium and riboflavin.

Onion is known food for flavoring and seasoning of Indian kitchens. Onion can be used in many ways. It can be eaten raw or cooked and eaten as vegetable. Onion can be sliced and dried to store. These slices can be used for flavoring and seasoning or garnishing various food stuffs!


Onion Health Benefits


Onions has very good storage quality and can be kept for several months with even rough handling which is associated with high pungency. Ayurveda has identified onion as wonderful herb for maintenance of health.


Onion Health Benefits


Good for Heart


Onions are proved very effective in prevention of various cardiovascular disorders like high cholesterol, triglycerides, hypertension, angina pectoris etc. onions can be eaten as a food item against heart attack. It’s all due to presence of Essential Oil, Catechol, Protocatechnic Acid, Thiocyanate, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus etc. present in the onions.

Take at least 100 gms. of onion every day to maintain healthy blood pressure and enhance good cholesterol.


Good for Urinary System


Onions are excellent in treating burning micturition and other related problems. It helps to eliminate toxins out from the body due to Anti-Oxidant properties.

Boil 6gms of onions in 500 ml of water until half of it remains. Filter and drink when it’s lukewarm. This is effective home remedy for burning urination.

Juice of onion in the quantity of 2 tbsp. mixed with brown sugar or honey is excellent in urinary retention.


Good for Lungs


Onions are given in respiratory health issues as well like asthma, chest congestion, chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, common cold and flu. It liquefies phlegm and blocks its further production.

Mix equal quantity of onion juice with honey. Take 2 tsp. 3 to 4 times daily. This home remedy can be practiced in winters freely for prevention of such respiratory problems.


Beats Sexual Debility


Onion health benefits contribute in sexual debility as well. It counts under wonderful aphrodisiac foods beside garlic. It can boost entire reproductive system and strengthen them naturally. Onions beat problems like erectile dysfunctions, impotency, and male libido etc.

Peel off onions, crush them and fry with butter in a pan for some time. Have this mixture twice daily as an aphrodisiac tonic.

Kalaunji or seeds of onion also boost sexual power. These can be roasted to have with bread, soups or curries.


Treats Bleeding Piles


Onions are beneficial in bleeding piles too. This helps to subside inflammation, pain and discomfort up to a great extent when used regularly.

Rub 30 to 40 gms. of onions in water and add 60 gms. of sugar to it. Take it twice daily. Try this couple of days to get rid of bloody stools.


Among such amazing Onion Health Benefits, these are also useful and recommended in Earache, Toothache and Skin Problems.



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