Natural Remedies for Bed Wetting!!


Well, bed wetting in some children is just a normal part of his or her development. This is also known as Nocturnal Enuresis or Nighttime Incontinence. So try some amazing natural remedies for bed wetting and make your child feel comfortable during sleep.

Though children get very good control over their bladder at the age of 3 or 4 but till 6 or 7 years this is not thing to concern. Some children still will be developing night time bladder control. There can be some other reasons due to which some may continue with bed wetting.


Natural Remedies for Bed Wetting



Natural Remedies for Bed Wetting



Turmeric can also works wonders in bed wetting issue. Ask your child to have water mixed with half tsp. of turmeric every day. Yes it’s not so easy to consume so there is one more option to have it with 1 tsp. honey.

Regular use of turmeric serves as an effective natural remedy for bed wetting and will surely help your child to get rid of problem of bed wetting.



Make your child to lick some Salt before going to bed and make sure that he or she does not drink water after that. Salt becomes moist when kept open in air, same way when it’s taken orally, helps to absorb fluids inside and keeps your child comfortable during sleep.


Sesame Seeds

Roast 1tsp. black Sesame Seeds along with double the quantity of Jaggery and have this mixture with warm Milk. Practice this home remedy daily once or twice for better results.

If it’s comfortable to take Carom seeds (Azwain), one can mix half tsp. of that too.  Practice this home remedy for couple of days.


Resins/ Walnuts

Make your child to have some Resins (Daakh) and Walnut (Akhrot) before going to bed every night. Or you can soak them in water over night and can give early in the morning.


Dats/Dry Dates

Another excellent natural remedy for bed wetting is here. Boil some Dates (Khajoor) or dry one (Chuwara) in 2 glasses of Milk. Boil until 1 hand half or 1 glass remains. Filter and let your child have this delicious drink.


Indian Goose Berry

Take 20 ml Amla Juice with one glass of plain water every morning empty stomach.

Take 1 tbsp. Amla Pulp with 1 tsp. Honey and pinch of Turmeric and Black Pepper powder. Give this to your child every day in the morning.


Fennel and Saffron

Take a glass of lukewarm or warm Milk with pinch of Saffron. You can add I tsp of Fennel Seeds powder to it with/without sugar or honey.



Let your child make use of Cinnamon. This is wonderful to take care of bed wetting in young children. Give your child bread (brown/ whole grain) sprinkled with Cinnamon Powder along with Honey.



Acupressure plays great role in managing bed wetting problem of your child. You can press the point around upper line or somewhat middle part of your child’s little finger. Press and hold for some time.

You can practice this daily for couple of times. This helps to have a very good control over his/her bladder and can stay comfortable at night time.



These are couple of proved result giving Natural Remedies for Bed Wetting. Opt for few which are suitable and make your child comfortable!



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