Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies!!

Throbbing or cramping pain during your periods can be very common problem among females but at the same time it is with a huge discomfort. This can be before few days prior of your menstruation or/and during 2 to 3 days of cycle. Some females find it very difficult to tolerate the pain and want to just relax or just lie down. It is so much annoying that can interrupt your daily activities and routine. Menstrual cramps natural remedies are some of amazing natural ways to deal with this. We have mentioned few of them below!


Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies


Abdominal pain, lower backache or discomfort around thighs or legs with nausea, vomiting, headache, mood swing are some of very common symptoms seen in females with painful menstruation. During your periods, uterus contracts to expel out its lining. Prostaglandin is hormone like substance which is associated with abdominal cramps. More are the levels of this hormone, severe are menstrual cramps.

Here are few natural remedies for menstrual cramps which can help you to ease the pain and discomfort. Opt for 3 to 4 which are suitable and easy for you. Let’s have a look –

Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Drink herbal tea. For this take half teaspoon of each roasted cumin seeds, carom seeds and coriander seeds (jeera, azwain, and dhaniya). Boil in a pan with 2 cups of water until 1 cup remains. Have this daily three times during your first 3 days of menstrual cramps. You can have this natural remedy for menstrual cramps for couple of days or on regular basis as this helps to improve digestion and keep taking care of small to big other health issues too.

Take 2 pods of garlic every day. Either you can take empty stomach or after meal as for some it may cause heartburn empty stomach. Also use in your food. Garlic helps to relax muscles and reduces abdominal cramps.

You can also chose some other herbal teas to have once or twice in day such as green tea or lemon tea. They are enough good to relax abdominal muscles.

Take fresh onions in salad or prepare a juice by grinding few onions. Take 20 to 30 ml of this daily twice to thrice per day.

Aloe vera juice also works wonders in relieving painful menstruation. Chose an authentic one from your herbal store and take 20 ml of it with plain water empty stomach daily.

Roast 1 to 2 teaspoonful of sesame seeds in a pan. Add little jaggery (gud) and heat for some time on low flame. Take this mixture twice daily for better results. This is another effective home remedy for menstrual cramps.

After meal take 1 teaspoonful of fennel seeds powder (saunf) with Luke warm water.

Drink a glass of warm milk mixed with half teaspoon of pure turmeric daily. You can add saffron too. Have it at bed time.

Make use of flax seeds. Take powdered flax seeds with water or fruit juice.

Hot water bottles can also be of great help.

Keep yourself away from mental stress and fatigue, try to divert your mind from pain and focus on other things like, listen to music, read some good books and have proper rest.

Menstrual Cramps Natural Remedies are very safe to use and you can follow them regularly. Avoid intake of curd, pickle and other sour food products. Also stay away from junk or packed foods. Have a balanced diet!



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