Marigold Health Benefits!!

Commonly known as marigold flower, Calendula is very beautiful with yellowish orange shade. Marigold health benefits are plentiful which are listed below. It belongs to the family asteraceae with Latin name Calendula officinalis. Flower and its oil is used for medicinal purpose. It can be used in many ways. Can be taken as an herbal tea, petals can be chewed directly to calm the intestines, petals paste can be applied externally on skin etc. Tinctures, infusions and many herbal ointments are available to heal skin infections and other health issues. Being packed with constituents such as carotenoids, flavonoids, resin and essential oil it has got natural analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and great anti-oxidant properties.


Marigold Health Benefits


Marigold Health Benefits

Due to its above mentioned properties, marigold makes a wonderful home remedy for skin infections. It helps to heal bruises, burns, cuts and other skin wounds. It helps to improve blood circulation and promotes new cells growth and blood vessels. It is even very useful in ringworm, athlete’s foot and candida albicans. For sitz bath, its oil can be mixed in water to have relief in some conditions like urinary infections, anal fistula, bacterial vaginitis etc. Paste of petals can be prepared to apple externally. It gives amazing results.


Marigold can even work wonders in relieving abdominal cramps due to its antispasmodic actions. Herbal tea can be sipped hot whenever needed. This Flower makes an excellent home remedy for ulcerative colitis and this marigold health benefits is really effective.  In ulcerative colitis, colon is full of ulcers with symptoms like pain, acidity, gas etc. Chewing few petals regularly for number of times helps to relieve heart burn and they help to heal ulcers commendably.


Well, another health benefit of marigold contribute in beauty purpose. As it is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent, can be used for dry, irritated and acne prone skin. It purifies the skin from waste products and clear the channels. Paste can be applied directly over affected area. As this is very cooling and soothing in nature, heals the skin naturally.


Sore throat and gums can be taken care with this wonderful flower. Calendula tinctures are also a concentrated and convenient way to deal with sore and infected gums. Drink calendula tea or use it for gargle. You can apply dipped tea bags directly over scrapes and bruises gums.


Antioxidant present in marigold are well known to combat the damage causes by free radicals which are by-products of environmental factors such as pollution, smoke, dust or even normal body functions. These antioxidants help to enhance defense mechanism and lower the risk of heart ailments, cancer and many other. In all types of cancer, marigold works very good agent to limit the spread of harmful cells.


Flavonoids and vitamin c present in marigold flower can help you to loose few kilos if you wish that. Have it in the form of tea daily. It is available in tea bags. Have it without sugar.


Last but not the least, marigold leaves and flowers can be used in salad, pies, cakes, deserts and in many different sweet dishes. This aids in nice aroma along with health benefits.


Along with above said Marigold Health Benefits, still there are many more in list. This is just amazing for liver detoxification due to detoxifying properties. Can be used in case of varicose vein or deep vein thrombosis. Many digestive health issues such as IBS, gastritis, indigestion can be taken care easily with this marvelous flower. This is very helpful in cold, cough and flu as well.

So make use of this pleasing flower to stay healthy!!



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