Lemon grass health benefits!!

Some healthy evening snacks, a good book and a mug of hot lemongrass tea! This is what you will look definitely once get addicted to this miracle herb.

Well, lemongrass aroma is enough fine to attract you and make it a part of your daily diet plan! Let us know in detail, lemongrass health benefits if you are not yet familiar.

Highlights –

  • Lemongrass is a perennial plant that can be grown easily in your garden or indoors.
  • It has the fragrance of lemon and is little sweet in taste.
  • It has got potent flavor so can be used in various healthy recipes.
  • Being packed with medicinal properties, lemongrass is used as an ayurveda herb.
  • Free from caffeine and tannins.

Lemon grass health benefits

Lemon grass health benefits

Acts as an excellent cleanser and detoxifier herb –

As soon as you sip lemongrass tea or healthy drink containing lemongrass, you’ll have the feeling that my body is getting purified. It is loaded with wonderful purifying/detoxifying properties or antioxidants that throw body toxins out from body. It is a better way to detox your body completely.

You can simply have lemongrass tea by boiling few fresh standard leaves in water for some time. Have this once daily.


Helps to boost metabolism and deal with all digestive ailments –

Lemongrass keeps your digestive functions in check with a component called citral that helps to digest food. Lemongrass tea is an excellent drink to deal with all digestive ailments such as bloating, indigestion, constipation and many more.

Boil few chopped lemongrass, few crushed mint leaves in 3 cups of water, until 1 cup remains. Filter and drink sip by sip. Repeat for 2 to 3 times daily until results are seen.


Controls bad cholesterol level and regulates high blood pressure –

A nature’s fabulous herb that has its great impact on heat health also. Lemongrass is rich in potassium so helps in more urination, therefore detoxifies body and in turn normalizes your blood pressure. As it improves blood circulation, purifies liver and boosts heart. It is well known to control and reduce bad cholesterol levels in body and promote over all good heart health naturally.

You can just steep few fresh crushed leaves in boiled water along one fourth tsp. cinnamon powder and 1 green cardamom.


Fights respiratory illness and boosts immunity

Being loaded with vitamin C, lemon grass is helpful to boost immune system and fight various infections. Also it is packed with antibacterial properties which make it enough fine home remedy for cold and flu.

You can make herbal tea by boiling few leaves of crushed lemon grass in water for some time. For extra benefits, add pinch of ginger powder, black pepper and few tulsi leaves. Filter and add 1 tsp honey. Drink once or twice daily. Of course taste is wonderful. We are sure; you will love the aroma as well.


Relaxes your mind and gives stress free feeling

Lemongrass tea just makes you to feel good from within. Chops lemongrass in few pieces and put in boiling water. Steep for 15 to 20 minutes. You can add few chopped tulsi leaves also for better results. It helps you to feel energetic, stress free and very light. It’s all due to its antioxidants.


Gives you charming skin and beautiful hair –

Being an excellent source of vitamins and essential nutrients, lemongrass enhances your beauty. By improving blood circulation and purifying it, it helps to remove acne, blemishes and even various skin problems. Also improves scalp health and promotes shiny and strong hair.


Well, among above said lemon grass health benefits, there are many other in list so start having healthy drink out of it and sure, you will be amazed with results. Thing is, you need to be regular for couple of days to months. Once you taste it, definitely it’s going to be there forever with you!



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