5 important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season!!

Rainy season or monsoon is the season of fun, romance and excitement. The idyllic greenery makes lives refreshing and rejuvenated. However, to add to your concerns, this season is the host of several diseases and illnesses. Some of the common illnesses during this season are dengue, food poisoning, flu, cold, water infection, respiratory complications, cough, fever and many more. All these various illnesses result in weakening the immune system of the individuals. Thus, you need to follow a lot of healthy tips to remain healthy and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of this beautiful season.  Here, we shall be discussing the 5 important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season. Along with these 5 tips, we will also learn about some healthy tips, which are extremely essential to remain healthy during the season of the rains.


keep you healthy in rainy season


1. Don’t forget to carry the rain gear with you

First and foremost tip to keep you healthy in rainy season is carrying the rain gear with you always. The rain gear includes a hooded rain coat, an umbrella and a pair of waterproof shoes. These will protect you from getting drenched in the rain and getting affected with the various complications. Also, by chance, if you’re caught up in rain and get wet, it’s important that you take a bath immediately. Though, it sounds a bit unusual, but, it’s important that you take a shower immediately after you get drenched in the rain. This wards off the microorganisms and pathogens causing diseases during this season.


2.Drink Hot Drinks

This is yet one of the 5 important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season. After getting drenched in the sun, once you take shower, completely make yourself dry. And, then drinking hot drinks will make you feel refreshed. This will also prevent you from catching cold and protect you from the various illnesses. Generally a cup of hot soup or a glass of hot milk is recommended. You can also opt for herbal teas. These are not only helpful to protect you from catching cold, but also help to fight away the microbial infections. These herbal teas have a lot of medicinal properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and many more. These properties help an individual to lead a healthy and fit life.


3. Consumption of Vitamin C

Consumption of foods rich in Vitamin C  helps to strengthen the immune system of the individuals. Yes, it’s true that monsoon boosts the desire for consuming fried foods, but you need to have a control on yourself if you want to lead a healthy life. Red cherries, peaches, plums, litchis, jamuns and other citrus fruits are highly recommended during this season of rains. These fruits delay the process of ageing, make the skin glowing, activate the antibodies in the body and reduce the severity of the diseases. It is highly recommended to avoid eating foods from outside during this season.


4. Maintain Cleanliness

Another important tip to keep healthy in rainy season in maintaining cleanliness. Practicing proper hygiene will help to eliminate the attack of micro organisms causing diseases on the health of the individuals. Always wash hand with soap properly before eating. Or, you may also sanitizer to make the hands clean. Micro organisms tend to multiply and grow in areas full of dirt. So, try to keep yourself neat and clean. Take bath regularly and wear clean clothes. Practice hygiene and remain tidy.


5. Drink a lot of water

The temperature outside may lead to a sudden decrease in the consumption of water. The weather is no more hot and sultry. So, the urge to drink water may reduce automatically. But, it’s important that you maintain the consumption of water to minimum 8 glasses daily. This helps to drain out the micro organisms and pathogens causing diseases in the body.  Also, it helps to flush out the toxic materials from the body effectively. Thus, it is highly recommended that you maintain the consumption of water to the proper amount.


These are some of the important tips to keep you healthy in rainy season. Follow these tips properly if you wish to remain healthy during this beautiful season. And, enjoy the beauty of the monsoon to the fullest.



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